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Visiting TSC Head quarters in Nairobi? This is what you must have

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has allowed visitors to the Headquarters Offices, to be served at the Customer Care Centre.

But, to be served at the Head office in Upper Hill (Nairobi) you have to produce a written permission from your County or Sub-county TSC Director.

“Effective 1st March, 2021, the Commission will only serve teachers who have been referred by the County / Sub County Offices for cases that cannot be resolved there.” Reads a latest TSC memo.

Apart from the County/ Sub- County referral you will also be expected to get a wwritten permission from your principal or head teacher.

“Further, the teachers must have written permission from their HTs/Principals in order to visit TSC Offices ( Sub County, County & Regional).” The circular adds.

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TSC teachers visit the commission’s offices to receive various services. processing TSC registration certificates and issues to deal with online registration on the T-Pay system are some of the issues that compel one to make visits.

Teachers seeking for transfers and recruitment also make trips to have their problems sorted.


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