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TPAD 2 appraisal agreement, arbitration and countersigning

During the TSC teacher appraisal process, in the new TSC TPAD2 system, both the appraiser and appraisee are supposed to reach an agreement on the marks awarded for each standard. If you are the appraisee, then you will hold a meeting with your appraiser to discuss the marks awarded for each standard.

The marks awarded by the appraiser will be able to be accessed by the appraisee since the appraisal process has now been made open.

To ensure fairness and openness of the appraisal process therefore, after the completion of the appraisee self-assessment and the appraiser’s assessment, both the appraiser and appraise will hold a meeting to review their joint rating and then reach an agreed rating.

During the appraisal meeting the appraisee and appraiser can either agree or disagree on the ratings. In case the two agree, the appraiser will submit the ratings and await counter signing.

When the appraisee and appraiser disagree on the ratings, the appraisal moves to arbitration.

What happens when the appraisee and appraiser agree on the ratings

Where both the appraisee and appraiser agree on the rating awarded by the appraiser. The appraiser will follow the following steps in the system:

  • Log into your appraiser account and click on the ‘Update Standards’ tab.
  • Click on Update Rating. Note the appraisal status before joint rating has a yellow colour interface and is labelled waiting.
  • Click on Action tab and select Agree from the drop down menu.

Where there is a discrepancy between the appraisee and appraiser ratings, both will discuss and re-look at the evidence provided and agree on a joint rating. The appraiser can then capture the jointly agreed rate by clicking the update rating button.

On choosing update weight, the following pop up window will be provided for the appraiser to key in the agreed weight. The appraiser should finish this process by clicking on Submit Rating button where a pop up window will show that the process was successful for the appraiser to click on the ok tab. The interface color code will now turn green.

What happens when the appraisee and Appraiser disagree on the ratings

The appraisee and appraiser may disagree on the ratings. This is done by clicking on the disagree button by the appraiser. When both appraisee and appraiser disagree up to seventy five percent (75%) of the ratings, the appraisal automatically goes to arbitration level.

Where the appraisee is not satisfied with the appraisal, then the appraisee may make a request for arbitration from the Teacher Portal Landing page. The appraisee should ensure that the appraisal status is completed during the appraisal meeting before requesting for arbitration.

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Appraisee vs Appraiser Arbitration Process

The arbitrator will click on the schedule meeting to set the time and date for the meeting between the appraisee and the appraiser and notifications will be sent to both of them. On scheduling, the arbitration meeting, the appraisal moves to scheduled arbitrations.

The arbitrator can view appraisee self-assessment ratings and appraiser ratings and edit the agreed ratings for each standard by clicking update button.

Finishing the Appraisal Meeting

Once the appraisee and appraiser jointly agree on all ratings, the appraiser will have to click on the Finish Appraisal Meeting tab and the appraisal moves to appraisal awaiting counter-signing status.

Counter Signing

At the counter signing level, the counter signing officer will be able to view all teachers appraisals that are waiting to be countersigned by clicking on Appraisals tab, Institution Appraisals tab then on Countersigning tab.

The countersigning officer will click on the countersign tab against a teachers appraisal .The countersigning officer should then click on Countersign tab. This will prompt a pop up window for the officer to give their comments and a declaration statement that the
appraisal was based on evidence provided then submit.

On successful submission, the appraisal status will be Complete. Both the appraisee and appraiser will be notified that the appraisal is complete.


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