Final TSC Circular on deployment of primary school teachers to junior secondary schools


The Commission has received a total of 10,833 requests from qualified primary school teachers for deployment to Junior Secondary Schools. Lists of the teachers have been availed to you. Upon receipt of these lists, you are required to deploy qualified teachers to JSS using the guidelines listed herein.

  1. Qualifications

Primary School teachers wishing to be deployed to JSS must be qualified to teach in secondary schools. The teacher MUST meet the following requirements:

  1. Have an active registration as a teacher with the Teachers Service
  2. Is employed as a primary school teacher with the Teachers Service
  • Should not be currently serving an interdiction or undergoing a disciplinary
  1. Have a minimum of a Diploma in Education with a minimum of C+ at KCSE (or it’s equivalent) with C+ in two teaching subjects currently being offered in the school curriculum (either under 8-4-4 or CBC) or two (2) principles and one (1) subsidiary pass at “A” Those with a minimum of C (plain) at KCSE (or its equivalent) and have undertaken a Diploma in Education together with a Bachelor Degree in Education qualify.
  2. The degree certificate must be Bachelor of Bachelor of Education (Primary Option) holders are not eligible.
  3. Must have expressed interest to be deployed to Junior Secondary School and their name is in the list shared from the


Sub-County Directors should invite the candidates as per the lists provided by the County Director for the verification of documents. Candidates are expected to present the following documents during verification:

  1. Original and copy of the degree/diploma certificate;
  2. Original and copies of the academic transcripts;
  • Original and copy of SNE qualification (where applicable);
  1. Original and copy of the KCSE certificate (or its equivalent);
  2. A copy of the current payslip;
  3. A declaration by the Head of Institution that the teacher is currently serving in the school and is neither serving an interdiction nor undergoing a disciplinary


Deployment letters will be signed by the Sub-County Directors for teachers within the Sub-County. For teachers who may be deployed outside the Sub-County, letters will be signed by the County Directors/Regional Director, Nairobi. Consideration should be given to the following: –

  1. Proximity to the current station. As much as possible, the teachers should be deployed to their current stations or those that are close to their current
  2. Subject Combination of the teacher. Unless a station requires more than one teacher of the same subject combination, Sub-County Directors should not deploy teachers of similar subject combinations with those already posted to
  • Gender of the Endeavor to balance the gender of teachers posted to the same station.
  1. Teachers with SNE qualification should be posted to Special
  2. Deployment will be done using the templates It is important to study the templates and where necessary seek clarification. The Sub-County Director shall sign two deployment letters for each teacher. One letter shall be issued to the teacher while the second original letter shall be submitted together with other deployment documents for filing at the headquarters.

As you conduct the deployment exercise, note the following:

  1. Teachers at Grade B5 and C1 with a Bachelor’s degree will be issued with appointment letters to Grade C2 (Appendix I);
  2. Teachers at Grade B5 with a Diploma in Education will be issued with appointment letters to Grade C1 (Appendix II);
  3. Teachers at Grade C2 and above with Bachelors/ Diploma certificates shall be issued with Deployment letters (Appendix III);
  4. Teachers at Grade C1with a Diploma shall be issued with a Deployment Letter (Appendix III)

Posting, Entry/Exit Reports Module

Immediately the teachers are deployed to JSS, the County Directors shall initiate posting on the Posting, Entry/ Exit Reports Module to the Sub-County. The Sub-County Director shall post the teachers to JSS.

The Heads of Institution releasing the teachers must immediately exit them through the submission of Exit Reports to enable the receiving Head of Institution to submit the Entry Report. All these processes must be conducted online through the Posting, Entry/Exit Reports Module as the Commission no longer recognizes nor process hard copy casualties. Where the teacher is retained in the same station, the Head of Institution shall exit the teacher from primary school and submit Entry Report for the JSS.

Submission of Deployment Documents

After the conclusion of the deployment exercise, the following documents shall be submitted to the Director Staffing by County Directors/Regional Director, Nairobi:

  1. Certified copy of the degree/diploma certificate;
  2. Certified copy of the academic transcripts;
  • Certified copy of the KCSE certificate or its equivalent;
  1. Original copy of the Deployment letter generated as per the template issued;
  2. A declaration by the Head of Institution that the teacher is currently serving in the school and is neither serving an interdiction nor undergoing a disciplinary process;
  3. List of the deployed teachers clearly showing teacher’s details in the order presented below should be submitted in MS Excel editable format to Director Staffing through [email protected].
    1. Serial Number (S/No.)
    2. Registration Number (TSC )
    3. Teacher’s Name
    4. Teacher’s Grade (B5, C1, C2, C3, C4 & C5)
    5. Gender
    6. Disability Status
    7. Previous Station (Primary)
    8. Current Station (JSS)
    9. Sub-County Posted
    10. County

Staffing Positions in Primary Schools

You are required to ensure that staffing positions in primary schools are updated and teacher rationalization is conducted within 14 days to ensure that teaching-learning process continues even after the deployment exercise.

Circular 3/2023 on Transition to Junior Secondary School

The Commission issued Circular No. 3/2023 dated 30th January 2023 giving directions on transition to Junior Secondary School to all head teachers. Accordingly, you are required to disseminate the circular to all head teachers.

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