New Higher Education Funding Model

The Government has launched the Higher Education Financing portal. Students whose households are at the bottom of the pyramid shall enjoy equal opportunities in accessing university and TVET education through 100 per cent government funding.

Students who require funding must make formal applications through Higher Education Financing portal. The portal is accessible at

In the new financing model, categorization on the needs of students will be realized through a reliable scientific method- Means Testing Instruments.

The Instrument will be used to determine the student’s level of financial needs to ensure they are supported adequately.

The Higher Education Financing (HEF) Portal will now allow students to make applications for both scholarships, loans and bursaries.

The level of funding for each student will depend on the monthly household income and each student will individually apply for the scholarship and loans, soon after receiving admission letters.

Those seeking financial aid from the government have been classified into four categories, the vulnerable, extremely needy, needy and less needy.

Under the model, those students falling under the vulnerable and extremely needy band will qualify for 100% government funding for their studies with the money coming as scholarships and loans, and those deemed to be needy and less needy will get 93% government funding, with the students bearing 7% of the tuition costs.

They will also have opportunities to apply for HELB (Government loan) which will be allocated upon using a full-proof tool used to assess students to be awarded scholarships.

Students in private universities are not catered for in the government scholarship fund, but can apply for loans through HELB.


What is the New Higher Education Funding Model?
It is a new way of providing financial support to students enrolled in Universities & TVET institutions to ensure every Kenyan student is assisted according to their level of need.

What are the benefits of the New Funding Model?
✓ It ensures that all eligible Kenyan Students are provided with adequate education financial support.
✓ It promotes the provision of quality education in higher learning institutions.
✓ It ensures that students are adequately supported based on their level of need.
✓ To ensure timely disbursement of funds students and higher learning institutions.
✓ To address the student funding gap.

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