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TSC latest news on Pension Processing Status

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has submitted 4,800 teachers’ pension claim files to the National Treasury for payment.

The claims are part of the expected 6,140 files the TSC expects to send to the Pensions Department by the end of this month based on the teachers who will have reached the retirement age of 60.

According to a record of the Pensions Status document, these claims were forwarded to the National Treasury between January and November 2021.

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Usually, the Commission gives a two-year notice to teachers nearing retirement requesting them to submit mandatory documents for processing. Teachers who wish to change their pay points (banks) from the ones used for channeling their monthly salaries are required to do so at least six months before the date for retirement to avoid unnecessary delays.

Speaking at a recent media workshop, Dr Nancy Macharia cautioned teachers not to fall prey to fraudsters who demand cash with fake promises of speeding up payment since the Commission has streamlined the process.

‘‘We’ve tried to spread the word but some teachers still fall prey to these fraudsters. Why should one pay for a service that should be free? I’m calling upon teachers not to pay a cent to have their dues processed,” she said.


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