Knec Examiners Training For Teachers & Teacher Trainers in CBC Assessment

Knec Examiners Training For Teachers & Teacher Trainers in CBC Assessment


The Kenya National Examinations Council is mandated to set and maintain examinations and assessment standards for school, post-school and teacher education levels. The Council endeavours to build the capacity of teachers and teacher educators in assessment so as to maintain standards and ensure effective assessment of learner competencies.

In view of this, the Council wishes to invite qualified teachers and teacher educators to apply for training in the development of quality test items for effective implementation of Competency Based Assessment in Basic Education and teacher training levels. Trained teachers and teacher educators could be engaged by KNEC as contracted professionals from time to time as may be necessary.


Applicants wishing to be considered for this training must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Have unquestionable and irreproachable
  2. Be a professional or expert or subject specialist in the field or subject/learning area for which he/she wishes to be trained.
  3. Must be teaching the subjects/learning areas applied for in
    • Primary School – Grades 4, 5 and 6
    • Junior School – Grades 7 and 8
    • Teacher Training Colleges; DECTE and DPTE
    • Intermediate and Prevocational Level of the Stage Based Pathway
  4. Have the relevant academic and professional
  5. Be conversant with the content of the curriculum designs in their subjects/learning areas of
  6. Have a teaching experience not less than 3 years.
  7. Must be registered with the Teachers Service Commission.
  8. Must be recommended by the head of institution


  • Applications should be done through the link on or before 29th March 2024
  • Applicants should read the instructions, provide all the information required and upload the necessary
  • Documents should be uploaded as one continuous PDF
  • Only successful applicants will be notified through their phone/e-mail contacts
  • Teachers who have previously been trained by KNEC in Item Writing should not apply.

The subjects/learning areas and levels for which the teachers and teacher educators may apply for are outlined under Part A to D as follows:

A)Table 1: Primary School Learning Areas (Age-Based Pathway)

S No Learning areas
1 Mathematics
2 English
3 Kiswahili
4 Science and Technology
5 Social Studies
6 Home Science
7 Art & Craft
8 Agriculture
9 Music
10 Physical and Health Education
11 Indigenous Languages
12 Christian Religious Education
13 Islamic Religious Education
14 Hindu Religious Education
15 Kenyan Sign Language


  1. Table 2: Junior School Learning Areas
S. NO. Learning areas
1. English
2. Kiswahili
3. Kenyan Sign Language
4. Mathematics
5. Integrated Science
6. Health Education
7. Pre-Technical & Pre-Career
8. Social Studies
9. Christian Religious Education (CRE)
10. Islamic Religious Education (IRE)
11. Hindu Religious Education (HRE)
12. Business Studies
13. Agriculture
14. Physical Education and Sports
15. Indigenous Languages
16. Home Science
17. Computer Science
18. Visual Arts
19. Performing Arts


C) Special Needs Education Assessments (Stage-Based Pathway)

All the learning areas covered in the four levels of Stage-Based Curriculum pathway.


D) Teacher Education: Diploma in Primary Teacher Education – (DPTE) and Diploma in Early Childhood Teacher Education (DECTE)


S NO. Learning Areas
1. English
2. Kiswahili
3. Mathematics
4. Science and Technology
5. Environmental Education


S NO. Learning Areas
6. Kenyan Sign Language
7. Physical and Health Education
8. Health and Nutrition
9. Home science
10. Agriculture
11. Christian Religious Education
12. Islamic Religious education
13. Hindu Religious Education
14. Educational Resources
15. ICT integration in Education
16. Education Assessment
17. Research skills
18. Educational Leadership and Management
19. Child Development and Psychology
20. Inclusive Education
21. Sociological and Philosophical Foundations of Education
22. Historical and Comparative Foundations of Education
23. Curriculum Studies
24. Art and Craft
25. Music
26. Indigenous Languages
27. French
28. German
29. Mandarin
30. Arabic
31. Practicum
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