Kisii university May-August semester details

The Kisii University has announced that learning will be resumed towards the end of May, 2020 and has asked students to clear any outstanding fees balances. The university, just like other learning institutions in the country, shut down its doors in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic outbreak in the country; in mid-March.

“You are all advised to pay fees for the May-August semester before commencement of your studies on Monday, 25th May 2020. Any student who will still be having a fee balance by Monday, 25th May 2020 will only have two weeks to clear the balance. Please do not allow yourself to be locked out of the classroom due to late fee payment since no student will be allowed to proceed with studies without completing all the May-August semester fees.” says the university’s Vice Chancellor.


In a break from the norm, students will not be reporting to school but will have their studies via the E-learning platform.

“Please note that the University has invested heavily putting together the best e-learning infrastructure for teaching and learning, and has also invested heavily in building capacity of the staff involved in e-learning. You are therefore assured of smooth learning through the e-learning mode of study.” adds the Vice Chancellor.


The university joins other institutions that have rolled out e-learning services as the current guidelines from the government prohibit social gatherings.

The education Ministry is running daily lessons for learners in primary schools and secondary schools.

The country is awaiting for the release of a report that is being compiled by the national covid-19 education response committee on how to safely reopen basic learning institutions and when.

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