How to spend money wisely during pandemics, hard times

    Pandemics come with a full pot of uncertainties, when they happen. You can’t tell what is store and what your future holds. Pandemics cause a lot of panic and anxiety and the Corona virus disease is no better. Best money management practices during such times will see you smart out of the hard times; comfortably. There is school fees, rent loans, bills and other obligations to be met when the pandemic vanishes.

    Job and pay cuts may also occur during and post pandemic times. Your savings may be greatly dented and this may leave in a financial quagmire. Planning and having financial discipline are prudent. And as the saying goes, ‘tough times pass while tough people last..’

    The million dollar quiz, thus, is; how well can you manage your finances during turbulent times? What are the dos and don’ts during such times?

    To find your answers, go through the list of dos and don’ts below:

    Avoid impulse purchases

    This is not the best time to purchase luxurious items. These can wait as they are not essential. Ensure you budget and only go for those items that you and your loved ones dearly need. Top on the list should be such basic needs as food and others. During pandemics, prices of basic commodities are likely to shoot up. This is occasioned by the high demand and low supply. Buying enough of non-perishable foods (or those that last longer like cereals) would be a wise decision.

    Cut down on unnecessary expenses like partying and trips. These can as well wait. In the same breadth, try to avoid ‘big’ money projects.

    Having a saving plan

    Try to save from whatever finances that you may be having at your disposal. Such savings would come-in-handy post the pandemic. The savings can as well help in case you are directly hit by the pandemic.

    watch out on your debt status

    You are probably servicing loans and financial institutions may be willing to revise the terms of repayment. the best decision would be suspend repayment of loans until normalcy reigns. Take another loan if it is very very necessary.

    Get a side hustle

    Do not just sit there waiting for your salary. What if there are pay and job cuts? Since you may be at home all the time, try to get something to keep you busy and generate some income. There so many opportunities out there like providing online services e.g writing services, E-learning resources and many more. Plant vegetables on your small piece of shamba….

    Avoid domestic violence

    Since you are at home most of the time, try as much as possible to avoid scenarios that may lead to violence. Read and watch motivating stories.


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