How to select NHIF facilities: NHIF self care portal, Mobile App and USSD code

    The National Hospital Insurance Fund, NHIF, provides various medical covers to members. NHIF provides outpatient services to members based on their medical needs, convenience and preference. To register for these services a member must first update his/ her telephone number with NHIF. This can be done by calling NHIF customer care on 0800720601. You can at the same time send an email via [email protected]

    Once your phone number is verified you can then select your outpatient facilities by using the NHIF USSD code *155#. This service is accessible via all mobile telephone networks.

    Secondly, you can also use the NHIF mobile App (My NHIF). This App is available for free download from Appstore (as NHIF) and Google Play store (as My NHIF).

    Finally, you can use the NHIF official website;

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    The NHIF self care website offers flexibility in managing your account. With this website, you can select/ change facilities, check your status and seek help.

    • You can log onto the website by using the address;
    • Enter your ID Number and click ‘Continue’.
    • A one time password/ PIN will be sent to your registered phone number.
    • Enter the PIN and select ‘Verify’.
    • You will then log onto the Membership area/ your account’s dashboard.
    • To change/ select your preferred outpatient facility, click ‘Facilities’, followed by ‘Change Outpatient Facility’.
    • Select your county and preferred facility.
    • Finally click ‘Change Facility’.

    This another way that you can utilize in managing your NHIF account.

    • Dial *155# from any line and follow the screen prompts.

    Finally, you can use the NHIF mobile App. You can download the new NHIF selfcare App from Play Store as ‘MY NHIF’ or App Store as ‘My NHIF Selfcare’. Read full guide here;

    The New NHIF Self-care Mobile App: How to download and use the App

    Take advantage of the open window to select your preferred outpatient facilities, today. Have a great time.

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    Checking Your Account Status

    To get your account status via your mobile phone:

    • Compose a new sms
    • Type the letters “ID”, a space, then your
      ID number (or passport number if applicable) e.g ID 12345678
    • Send to 21101
      Note: Charge for this service is Kshs 10 only.



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