The district where the school is found
Our school is located in ________________ village
Our school is located in ________________ sub location
Our school is located in ________________ location
Our division is called________________
Our district is called________________
Division that makes up the district
Many villages make up a ________________
Many sub locations make up a ________________
Two locations make a ________________
Many divisions make a ________________
Many districts make a ________________
________________ shows us the direction
________________ is the position a person move or points toward
Sun rises in the ________________
Sun sets in the ________________
We can use our ________________ and ________________ to tell the direction of place
(right, left)
Name three pupils on your right in class
Name three pupils on your left in class
Cardinal points of a compass
________________ shows us the direction
The four points of a compass are called ________________
The cardinal points are also called ________________
Name four cardinal points
The needle of a compass always point to the ________________
The direction where the sun rises is called________________
The direction where the sun set is called________________
Draw and name the cardinal points of a compass
West East
(Never eat sukumawiki)
Main physical features in our district
A large piece of land filled with water is known as a ________________
The land where a river flows through is called a ________________
A low lying land is known as a ________________
The main physical features in our district include:
 River
 Lake
 Hill
 Valley
 Dam
 Mountain
Defining the physical features
The main physical features include
They are called physical features because we see them on the ________________ of the
We see the ________________ everyday going and coming to school
A large piece of land filled with water is known as a ________________
(land, lake)
When a wall is built across a river the water collects behind the wall to form a
(Dam, lake)
Importance of the physical features
Hills and mountains
It acts as a ________________ place in the time of danger
Many rivers start flowing out from the sides of ________________
Sides of hills are known as ________________
________________ grow on the slope of hill (forest, maize)
Some hills are fertile and are used for ________________(farming, walking)
Hills are very safe during ________________ (floods, drought)
Importance of rivers
Rivers act as a ________________ of some animals
We get ________________ from rivers
We get materials for ________________ from some rivers
Rivers are also used for ________________ (transport, walking)
Some rivers provide fish, which is caught and used as ________________
The rivers that have water throughout the year are known as ________________
The rivers that do not have water throughout the year are called ________________
Name three rivers in your district
Importance of the forest
Act as a home for ________________
Forest help to bring ________________
Forest give us firewood, poles and timber
Forests protect our ________________ from being carried away by ________________ and
Importance of swamps
Plants growing in swamps are called ________________
Swamps can be used for ________________, ________________ and ________________
________________ is collected from swamps to make pots
________________ is also caught in swamps
Reeds are used for making
Weather and seasons in the district
Defining the weather
________________ is the condition of the air in a place
Name the four elements of weather
 Rain
 Calm
 Sunshine
 Windy
Effects of weather on human activities
Bad and good effects of wind, rain and sun to human activities
________________ are things that people do
People prepare their land when it is ________________
When it is ________________ people ________________ their crops
Human beings also dry and spread maize and beans in the sun
People wash their clothes when it is ________________ and ________________
When it is ________________ people separate the husks from________________
Separating husks from grains is called ________________
Strong wind in lakes make the boat to ________________ in the water
When it rains the ground becomes very________________
When it rains people plant ________________
Weeds grow well when it is ________________
Too much rain causes ________________
Floods destroy ________________ and ________________
Lack of rain causes________________
People collect rain water from the roof when it is ________________
Ways of protecting ourselves from bad weather
People use ________________ when it is raining
Gumboots are worn when the ground is ________________
We wear ________________ clothes when it is cold and ________________ clothes when it is
Examples of warm clothes are ________________, ________________ , ________________
and ________________
Trees act as wind ________________ hence preventing roofs to be brown by the wind
Seasons of the year in the district
They are ________________ seasons in the year
Rainy season is called ________________ season
When there is no rain for a long time we say it is dry ________________ season
Which months do we experience long rain
We experience the short rain during the months of
Dry seasons occurs during the month of
Activities carried out during different seasons
Wet season
We plant our crops during ________________ season
________________ is removing of weeds from the shamba
People collect rain water from the roof when it is ________________
During wet season people also do grazing
During rainy season there is enough water in ________________ and ________________
(ocean, sea, lake, rivers)
The water from big rivers and dams can be used to produce ________________
Dry season
 Harvesting
 Collecting sand
 Repairing roofs
 Digging
 Irrigation
 Mulching
Main language group in our district
________________ is a group of people living together
People who speak the same mother tongue belong to the same ________________ or language
Most people in towns speak in ________________ and ________________
The main language groups in the district are:
Name three examples of Bantus
Name three examples of cushites
Name three examples of nilotes
How people in our district depend on one another
Farmers and fishermen
The way people depend on one another is called ________________
Through________________ our people depend on other people who have what we do not have
Our people get information from________________ or ________________
Name three social activities in our district
________________ grow crops and keep animals
We buy crops from the ________________, ________________ , ________________
People who sell fish are called ________________
________________ lives near lakes
Teacher and doctor
People go to v to be treated when they are sick
When the children go to school, the ________________ help them to learn
________________ treat the sick people
In the private school________________ pays the teachers
In public schools the ________________ pays the teachers
Policeman, shopkeeper and carpenter
________________ sells things in the shop
________________ is a person who makes things from timber
Things made from timber are called________________
People who buy and sell things belong to a ________________community(farming, trading)
People who worship together form ________________ community(trading, religious)
________________ keeps law and order in our community
Types of needs in the district
________________ are things we require in our everyday life
Name three basic needs
Other needs include
 Medicine
 Education
 Security
 Employment
 Worship
 Electricity
 Place to play and rest
 Ve__ri__ry
 Telephone
________________ grow crops and keep animals
We grow crops on the ________________
Food make us grow ________________ and ________________
Food give us energy to do ________________
Crops grown for food are called ________________ or ________________
Crops grown for sale are called ________________ or ________________
Name three food crops
Name three cash crops
________________ cows gives us milk
Beef cattle give us ________________
________________ are birds kept at home
________________ is a person who make our clothes
We wear clothes to ________________ our body
Clothes keep our bodies ________________
Clothes make us look ________________
Draw and name five types of clothes that we wear
Houses and school
House protects us from
A house is also called a ________________
The money spent on paying for the houses we live in is called house ________________
Name three traditional houses/ draw
Name three types of buildings/ draw
Maasai live in a ________________
Roads and hospitals
________________ is the main means of transport in the district
Name three types of roads
________________ is a person who treats sick people
________________ is a person who treats people using herbs
A nurse takes ________________ of sick people
We need a good leader
Name three qualities of a good leader
We need security
When there is security people can walk________________
________________ keeps law and order in our district
Police ________________ people who break the law
People who break the law are called ________________
Chiefs and assistant chiefs keep ________________ in the location
Every community trained its young people to be ________________(brave, worriors)
________________ protected the community from attack
We need place of worship
Christians worship in a ________________
Hindus worship in a ________________
Muslims worship in a ________________
Christians go to church on ________________
Muslims go to church on ________________
Meeting the needs in the district
How we get our food
We work in the ________________ to grow our food
We add ________________ on the farm to make our crops grow well
We also keep ________________ for milk and meat
We ________________ our animals to prevent them from getting diseases
How we get water
Where we get water from is called ________________
________________ is the main source of water
________________ is not a source of water(tap, rain ,dam)
We need water to ________________ our crops and feed our animals
Draw and name four sources of water:
 Borehole
 Dam
 River
Name six uses of water
How we get shelter
Houses protect us from ________________ weather and ________________ people
We can build houses using
We get ________________ for building houses from the river (sand, timber)
Most people in the district live in their ________________ houses
Name three types of houses
The wall of a permanent house is made of ________________
Manyatta is a house of ________________
How we get clothes
A ________________ is a person who makes clothes
________________ makes us look smart
We buy clothes from ________________, ________________ and ________________
We also get clothes from our ________________(relatives, friends)
In olden days people used to get clothes from
(Animal skin, tree barks)
We get our medicine
We take medicine to keep us ________________
________________ works in the hospital
________________ takes care of us when we are sick
The person who treat sick people is called a ________________(nurse, veterinary, doctor)
The ________________ build hospitals for us
Government give ________________ to the people living with HIV and AIDS
How we get education
We go to school to ________________
________________ help pupils to learn at school
________________ pays the teacher in a private school
________________ pays teachers in a public school
Long time ago girls used to be taught by their________________
________________ are things that people have that they use to make their lives better
Resources can be for ________________ and others for ________________
Some of the resources in our district are:
 Land
 Wild animals
 Domestic animals
 Poultry
 Plants
 Water
Soil and land
Land give us ________________ where we plant our crops
We build our houses on the ________________
Land also gives us ________________
Plants and forest
________________ grow crops
Plants provide us with food that we eat
Many trees growing together make a ________________
________________ is the main source of water
There are many sources of water
They are:
________________ is not a source of water
The place where we get our water are known as ________________
Animals that are found in the forest are called ________________
Animals found at home are ________________
Draw five domestic animals
Draw and name five wild animals
Ref: comprehensive social pg 58-59
Importance of the resources in the district
Land has different types of ________________ and ________________
We grow ________________ on the land
People build their ________________ on the land
________________ soil is used in making pots
Soil is used to make ________________
The walls of traditional houses are made of ________________
The walls of modern houses are made of________________
Water is important in our lives
We use water in
 Drinking
 Cooking
 Washing
 Feeding animals
Watering of crops is called ________________
Irrigation is done during the ________________ season
Water can be used to produce ________________
Some animals live in water
Write five animals that live in water
Trees and forest
Trees give us ________________ for building
Trees are used in making electricity ________________
Timber is used for making ________________
Some trees are used in making________________
Trees attract ________________
V treat people using herbs
Trees reduce the speed of ________________
Trees prevent soil________________
________________ farmers grow crops and keep animals
________________ and v are used in transportation
________________ cows give us milk while ________________ cows give us meat
Oxen are used in ploughing the land
Keeping of birds is known as ________________ farming
Hens that give us eggs are called ________________
Hens that give us meat are ________________
Match the animal and the product
animal Product
Goat meat
Sheep also give us ________________
Wild animals attract ________________
Crops grown for sale are called________________
Crops grown for food are________________
Name three cash crops
Name three food-crops
Minerals are found in the ________________
Minerals are sold to get ________________
Limestone is used to make ________________
Minerals include:
 Limestone
 Soda ash
 Titanium
 Diatomite
Effective use of resources
Forest and trees
People should not cut down ________________ carelessly
Cutting down of trees is called ________________
People should take care of the young________________
Planting of trees where none existed is called ________________
Planting trees where they have been cut down is called ________________
We should cut down only ________________ trees
(Aforestation, deforestation, reafforestation)
If we cut one tree we should plant ________________ trees
People who kill wild animals are called________________
Elephants are killed for their tusks
Rhinos are killed for their horns
Fenced areas where wild animals live are known as ________________
________________ protect our wild animals
A ________________ treats sick animals
The old and the orphaned animals are kept in the ________________
Animals should be given enough food and water
Money paid by tourists is called ________________________________
We should repair broken ________________ and ________________
People should turn off ________________ when not in use
Throwing of rubbish in the water sources cause ________________
We should harvest and store the ________________ water
We can store rain water in the ________________
People should be discouraged from washing clothes and cleaning vehicles near the sources of water
Land and soil
We should plant more trees to reduce ________________ erosion
The carrying away of the top soil is called ________________________________
People should not throw rubbish on the soil
We add ________________ or ________________ to the soil to improve soil fertility
Fertile ________________ give us good crops
Economic activities in our district
________________ are this people do to meet their needs
When people meet their daily needs live ________________(well, bad)
Money earned from economic activities is called________________
Economic activities include:
 Fishing
 Farming
 Keeping animals
 Trading
 Mining
 Basketry
________________ grow crops and keep animals
________________ are grown for sale
________________ crops are grown to be eaten
Name five cash crops
Name five food crops
Keeping animals
Name five domestic animals kept in our district
Name five wild animals kept in our district
We buy food from the________________
We get ________________ and v from cows
Farmers sell animal products to get ________________
We get skin from________________
People living near the lakes are ________________
Traders who sell fish are called________________
Some people get money by selling v
Fishing can be done in
 Rivers
 Lakes
 Dams
Fish can be used at home as ________________
Some people keep fish at home. They are kept in a ________________
Name 3 types of fish
________________ is the buying and selling of things
Exchange of goods for other goods is called ________________ trade
Traders selling along the road are called________________
Money earned from selling goods is called ________________(profit, loss)
Trading takes place in:
 Market
 Supermarket
 Shops
 Farms
Making of things is called ________________
New things are made in a ________________
Papers are made from________________
Making of things using clay is known as ________________
People in our district sell things to get________________
________________ is the making of baskets
People who make things from iron are called________________
We get minerals through________________
Mining provide ________________ for people in our districts
We get stones from a ________________
Name one mineral in our district________________
Transport and communication
________________ is the carrying of people from one place to the other
In our district people mainly use ________________ to travel
Money paid in a vehicle for transport is called________________
People walking along the road are called ________________
________________ is a person riding a bicycle
Pedestrian walks on the ________________ side of the road
________________ is the quickest means of communication
Importance of economic activities
People get ________________ from selling things in our district
We get ________________ from farming and fishing
Money paid to works at the end of the month is called________________
Economic activities help small ________________ to grow into big ________________
Some people get ________________ from economic activities
Money paid to the government is called ________________
Tourism provide ________________ for people who work in hotels
Main urban centers in our district
Shopping centers are also called commercial or ________________ centres
Name three trading centers in our district
Name four buildings found in our nearby town
A commercial centre with many buildings is called________________
Pupils should visit an urban centre near their school
Means of travel in our district
________________ is the movement of people and goods from one place to another
People who travel in a vehicle are called ________________
Types of transport are:
 Roads
 Railways
 Air
 Water
Road transport
Most people in our district use ________________ to travel
People use ________________ while others walk
Draw uses of the road
Ref: pry social pg 86
Name two animals used for transport
Water transport
Water transport is the ________________ means of transport
Big rivers can be used for transportation
Small boats are called________________
Water transport takes place in the :
 Rivers
 Lakes
 Oceans
People use ________________ to travel on water
Railway transport
Trains move on ________________ tracks
Trains only stop at ________________
Trains are used to transport heavy ________________and carry many ________________
Trains are slower than cars
Air transport
Air is the fastest means of transport
A ________________ flies a plane
We use aero planes to travel by ________________
Aero planes land in ________________
Aero planes are ________________ way to travel(cheap, expensive)
The things around us form________________
Environment has many things like:
 Trees
 Grass
 Animals
 Houses
 Water
Sources of water in our district
The places where we get water are known as ________________
Draw 6 main sources of water
Uses of water
Name six uses of water
Caring for water sources
People should plant more ________________ to attract rainfall
Throwing dirt in water sources is called________________
Wells should be ________________(covered, uncovered)
Latrines and toilets should not be built near________________
People should turn off ________________ after use
Rainwater is collected from the ________________
Rain water is stored in ________________
Rivers start from ________________ of hills
Uses of trees
Trees act as wind________________
We get ________________ from trees
We can use ________________ to make a fence around our home
People living near lakes use timber to make boats
Trees give us the ________________ that we breathe
We get firewood and charcoal from trees
Trees act as ________________ for wild animals
Trees make our environment look ________________
Some trees are used to make medicine
Trees prevent soil ________________
We use trees in making papers
Trees provide us with a ________________ when its hot
Caring for trees
People should plant trees during the ________________ season
We should protect young ________________ from animals
People should pr_n trees to remove dead branches
We add ________________ to help trees grow fast and strong
We should water the trees during the ________________ season
People should avoid cutting down ________________
Animals found in the district
Name and draw 5 domestic animals
Draw and name 5 wild animals
Ref: new primary social pg 102
________________ animals are found at home
________________ animals are found in the forest
Caring for animals
The sick animals should be ________________
We should build ________________ for our animals to stay in
When the animals are sick they are taken to the v doctor
Domestic animals should be given enough ________________ and water
Homes for wild animals are called________________ parks
________________ people protect wild animals from poachers
Sick, injured and orphaned animals are taken care at the ________________when animals are too many
in one area they should be ________________
Many villages make a ________________
Two or more locations make a ________________
A sub-location is made up of ________________
Many divisions make a________________
Sub location
Order of administration
________________ is the head of a sub location
All the leaders are called________________
________________ is the head of a location
A ________________ is the head of a division
The head of a district is called a ________________
An assistant chief is also called a ________________
A village elder is also called a ________________
District commissioner district
District officer division
Chief location
Assistant chief sub-location
Village elder village
Duties of administrative leaders in the district
A ________________ represents president in the district
A D.C tell us what the government want us to do
The ________________ conduct marriages in their office
A ________________ solves problems in the division
A D.O heads security meetings in th ________________
D.E.O. is in charge of education in the district
Name three national days in our country
When two people quarrel in the village they report to________________
Importance of law and order
Laws are made in the ________________
________________ is doing things as expected
The rules of a country which say what we may or may not do are called________________
When everyone obeys the law there is ________________ in the country
The police arrest people who ________________ the law
Meetings called by the chief are called________________

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