Filing KRA individual tax returns online.

Filing KRA individual returns: Senator seeking to have extension of the June 30 deadline

A nominated Senator is seeking to have an extension to the deadline for filing the 2019 Kenya Revenue Authority, KRA, individual returns. The deadline for filing the returns is June 30, 2020.

Hon. Abshiro Halake (Who is a KANU Nominated Senator and also Vice Chair to the Senate ICT Committee) is seeking a statement on the foreseeable challenges of meeting the deadline of filing of 2019 income tax returns by taxpayers.

The current covid-19 pandemic may see most Kenyans miss the deadline. A majority of tax payers depend on Huduma Centres and Cyber cafes for the returns. And with the Huduma Centres closed, it will indeed be difficult to beat the deadline. Cessation of movement in some areas is making matters even worse.

Hon. Abshiro Halake. She is seeking to have the deadline for filing 2019 KRA returns extended.

Hon. Abshiro Halake. She is seeking to have the deadline for filing 2019 KRA returns extended.

KRA requires individuals with KRA PINs, both in formal and informal employment, to file their yearly returns between the months January and June. This is done at the iTax portal. Those in formal employment file individual income tax returns and nil returns for others.

The process of filing individual income tax returns is rather longer and needs some basic understanding of ICT.

A section of Kenyans who file their returns at Huduma Centres can not remeber their KRA passwords. Resetting the passwords requires one to know the email address registered on iTax. It is even more complicated if one has no access to the email address.

Failure to file your returns attracts a hefty fine from the tax man.

We will be keeping an eye on the response by KRA to Senator Halake’s request.

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