East Africa School Games, FEASSSA, Volleyball Past Champions in all years

KSSSA Documentaries

East Africa School Games


Year Winner
2002 Bokoli SS, Kenya
2003 Malava Boys, Kenya
2004 Kapsaos, Kenya
2005 Kapsaos, Kenya
2006 St. Mary’s Kitende, Uganda
2007 Malava Boys, Kenya
2008 Malava Boys, Kenya
2010 Malava Boys, Kenya
2011 Cheptil, Kenya
2012 Cheptil, Kenya
2013 Malava Boys, Kenya
2014 St. Mary’s Kitende, Uganda
2015 Rusumo, Rwanda
2016 Malava Boys, Kenya
2017 Rusumo, Rwanda
2018 St Joseph, Rwanda
2019 STAHIZA, Uganda
2020 Not held due to Covid 19
2021 Not held due to Covid 19
2022 Cheptil, kenya
2023 ….



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