What to avoid when applying for Kuccps Courses this year

  One common mistake made by hundreds of students each year is deciding not to apply for a course through KUCCPS – either because they want to join KMTC or not ready to join campus.
  Imagine a scenario where a student achieves a minimum grade of C+ in their KCSE but falls short of qualifying for their preferred courses, particularly those related to medicine or education.
  In such situations, a teacher or a trusted individual persuades them to opt for a course a diploma KMTC/TTC instead of pursuing a degree they are eligible for. The student accepts this advice and intentionally chooses not to apply for GoK sponsorship. Often, these students plan to apply to join college a year later.
  One year later, the student finds it challenging to join KMTC due to high fees or ineligibility for the medical course. Frustration sets in, and they wait for the next year’s Kuccps placement, only to discover they no longer qualify for a degree program because slots are reserved for that year’s KCSE candidates.
  Frustrated, the student may hesitate to join TVET, either struggling to secure a suitable course or simply feels they should be pursuing a degree course. As a result, this jeopardizes their chances of ever pursuing a degree program because they can’t afford the self sponsored route which is UNAFFORDABLE to many.
  Our recommendation is straightforward : PLEASE ENSURE that you actively participate in the application process. Choose at least one course as your backup option.
  This guarantees placement and GoK sponsorship. After placement, you can defer your studies for up to three years while exploring other opportunities, such as KMTC. If those opportunities don’t materialize, you can always return to continue your degree course as a GoK-sponsored student.
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