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This is why Secondary Schools fees may go up

Schools have been given liberty to increase school fees so as to put up new structures that will accommodate new students joining them next year.

  While releasing the 2020 form one placement results, Education Cs Prof George Magoha said the principals should do this in consultation with the parents ans schools’ boards. The CS made the remarks at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, KICD, on Monday December 2, 2019.

 “Nothing stops a patriotic principal from engaging his or her Board of Management to see if he (/she) can persuade voluntarily, people who want to improve the infrastructure of their schools,” Magoha said adding that parents who cannot afford to contribute should not be forced to do so.

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This would be good news to school principals who have been agitating for increase in school fees; saying what the parents and government pay is not sufficient to run the schools efficiently.


In February this year, the National KESSHA (Kenya Secondary Schools Head Association) chairman, Kahi Indimuli, presented a proposal to the Education Ministry that sought to increase secondary schools’ fees.

 In the the proposals, the principals wanted fees in national or extra county schools in urban areas raised by Sh15,848 to Sh91,646 up from Sh75,798. For extra-county schools in other parts of the country, the principals wanted the charges raised by Sh17,773 from Sh62,679 to Sh80,452.

Indimuli said the government retains KSh4,196 for textbooks, KSh200 for a science and mathematics improvement programme (CEMASTEA), kSh270 for activity, KSh900 for medical insurance and KSh6,000 for infrastructure. This leaves the schools with only about Sh10,600 out of the Sh22,244 subsidy per student.

School Category Ministry’s 2020 set fees Government Subsidy Amount of Fees to be paid by Parents Fees Proposals by Principals
National Schools 75798 22,244 53554 Sh91,646
Extra County Schools- Category ‘A’ 75,798 22,244 53554 Sh91,646
Extra County Schools- Category ‘B’ 62779 22,244 40535 Sh80,452
County Schools 62779 22,244 40535 Sh70,216

Table: Amount of fees paid by the government and parents per child in a year; plus the new fees if proposals by the Principals would be adopted.

But, CS Magoha was quick to advise parents to report any cases of excessive charges by schools to the Ministry. “Parents are therefore advised to only pay the amount of fees set by the Ministry and report any incidents of students who are turned away ,” the advised while, at the same time warning principals against sending students away for lack of fees.


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