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Tambach Teachers College is a well performing public college in Tambach, Elgeyo-Marakwet County, Kenya. It is one of the 20 public primary teachers colleges in Kenya and among the last five of such institutions constructed in the late 1980s by the government of Kenya through the support of the World Bank.

Construction started in1986, approximately a kilometer away from where the initial Tambach Teachers College was situated within the Government African College. His Excellency the Retired President, the late D.T. Arap Moi was the Head of institution from 1948 to 1954.

In 1965, the college was amalgamated with Hunters tree T.T.C to form mosoriot T.T.C as per the Ominde Commission Report.

Life at Tambach Teachers College

The college land acreage is approximately 85 acres.Out of this, 10 acres is occupied by Moi Tambach Primary School. Most of the land is occupied by buildings and playing fields. A small arable area has been developed into farmland for horticulture and zero grazing. The rest of the rocky and bushy areas are left for free grazing. Over 5000 trees have been planted in these areas.

Within the complex are 24 classrooms, each of up to 45 learners’
capacity, 2 science laboratories, 2 home science rooms, art and craft
workshops, two ICT laboratories, a Learning Resource Centre with a
Library, Teaching and Learning Resources display room and 2 audio
visual rooms, one of which is a complete studio. The administration
block at the entrance of the complex has several offices and a staff
room, all on the ground floor. Above these offices on the 1st floor are
workrooms for members of the teaching staff.

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On both sides of the complex are hostels for male and female students separated by the dining hall and the kitchen. The college has enough ultra modern housing facilities for the teaching staff and this ensures their continuous availability.


Tambach Township Kiptuilong Location, Tambach Division, Elgeyo marakwet County.



KNEC Certficate-Duration: 2years.



Admission eligibility(minimum requirements) Grade C (Plain) in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) KNEC Diploma-Duration:2years Grade C (Plain) in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) 

KNEC Certificate- Duration:2Years

KCSE Grade C- (Minus)

Face- to -face sessions First & Fourth Sessions: August- November (Face to face in August) Second & Fifth Sessions: November/December-March (Face to face in Nov/Dec) 

Third & Sixth Sessions: April-July (Face to face April)

NB:The Face to Face sessions last 4 weeks

First & Fourth Sessions: August- Nov/Dec (Face to face in August) Second & Fifth Sessions: January- April (Face to face in Nov/Dec) 

Third & Sixth Sessions: May-July (Face to face in April)

NB:The Face to Face sessions last 3 weeks

Take-Away assignments/Projects All trainees must take and complete holiday term papers, projects and Group discussion questions, as these constitute part of continuous evaluation tools and marks submitted to KNEC.
Payment of college fees All trainees must make necessary arrangements in advance to pay the requisite college fees before the commencement of each session.
Year 1:Term 1/Session 1-Kshs. 30,100/= Term 2/Session 2-Kshs 20,000/= Term 3/Session 3-Kshs 7,000/= 

Year 2: Term 1/Session 1-Kshs.30,000/= Term 2/Session 2-Kshs 23,000/= Term 3/Session 3-Kshs 10,000/=

Dip: Kshs 9,908/= per session Cert:Kshs 9,741/= per session
Examinations All students must sit for all the Continuous Assessment Tests, Mid Course, Mock and Primary Teachers Examination (PTE) as scheduled hereunder:
a)       CAT I&IV-First week of Nov/Dec session 

b)       CAT II-Final week of April Session

c)        Midcourse-First week of August session

d)       Mock PTE.-First week of April session

e)        PTE(KNEC)              -July/August

a)       CAT I&IV-Final week of August session 

b)       CAT II-Final week of Nov/Dec Session

c)        Midcourse-Final week of April session

d)       Mock –KECEPTIA-Final week of August session

e)        Final KNEC Exam-April

Teaching Practice Sessions There are three internally supervised 

Teaching Practice Sessions for each year group cohort. The final session shall in

Diploma: 1 Session for 1 full term 

Min no. of assessments-3


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