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Storm as TSC extends retirement age for teachers

The Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) has decided to renew contracts of school administrators. This move has angered a section of teachers; more so deputy school heads.

Primary school head teachers who have attained the mandatory retirement age have had their contracts extended by the teachers’ employer, TSC.

A sharp reaction has been drawn from deputy head teachers in a number of schools across Kisumu County who had hoped to be promoted to fill the vacancies left as the head teachers go on retirement.

Kisumu County TSC Director Mr. Ibrahim Rugut has confirmed that indeed the contracts of some school heads had been extended upon request to the employer.

Mr Rugut said that about 22 head teachers have had their contracts extended across Kisumu County.

Some of the head teachers who got their contracts extended just before retirement include:

  • Mr. Joshua Osawa of Migingo Primary School in Nyando Sub-county,
  • Mrs. Pamela Juma of Matthews Ondiek Primary School in Kisumu Central,
  • Mr. Tom Onyando of Kindu RC Primary School in Kisumu East,
  • Mr. Paul Kaunda who has been the longest serving head teacher of Kosawo Primary School in Kisumu Central.

The mandatory retirement age for teachers is 60 years.

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