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Rwanda to host 2023 East Africa School Games

Rwanda has been awarded hosting rights for the 2023 Federation of East African Secondary Schools Sports Associations (FEASSA) games. This is after Burundi failed to show commitment in hosting the most attractive and competitive school games championship.

The FEASSSA Games 2022 were staged at Arusha City in Tanzania from September 15th to 24th. 16th September.

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Schools from host nation Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan and Zanzibar will gather in the country to compete in various sporting disciplines namely football, swimming, athletics, hockey, netball, rugby, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, badminton and lawn tennis.

The 2023 FEASSSA games will be staged in the capital city Kigali from 15th to 30th August.

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Rwanda last hosted the 17th Edition of the FEASSSA games in 2018 at Musanze district, Northern Province and fielded the highest number of participants as shown below;


FOOTBALL GIRLS (60 players)
1. GS Remera-Rukoma
2. ES Shwemu
3. GS Nyange

FOOTBALL BOYS (60 players)

  1. Christian Integrated Polytechnique
  2. Lycée De Kigali
  3.  Col. Karambi

VOLLEYBALL GIRLS    (36 players)

  1. GS Indangaburezi
  2. GS Saint Aloys Rwamagana
  3. IPRC Kigali

VOLLEYBALL BOYS    (48 Players)

1st: St Joseph
2nd: Don Bosco Gatenga
3rd: PS Karubanda
4th: College Christ Roi

BASKETBALL GIRLS    (36 Players)  

1st : Lycée De Kigali
2nd : ES Sainte Bernadette Kamonyi
3rd : ADEGI


1st : APE Rugunga
2nd : Lycée De Kigali
3rd : Collège Sainte Marie Reine
4th : Ecole Technique Nazaréenne Internationale (ETENI)


1st: ES Kirambo
2nd: APEGA
3rd:ES Gikonko

HANDBALL BOYS (56 Players)

1st: Association Pour le Développement culturel de Gituza (ADEGI)
2nd: GS Saint Aloys Rwamagana
3rd: College de Gisenyi
4th: ESEKI

 NETBALL (28 Players)

1st: GS Gahini
2nd: GS Saint Aloys Rwamagana

RUGBY  (24Players)

1st : Association des Parents pour la Promotion de l’Education a Kayenzi (ASPEKA)
2nd : JAM Fred Nkunda TVET School


 FOOTBALL GIRLS   (40 players)

1st : CS Mutura
2nd: GS Kinoni

 FOOTBALL BOYS (60 Players)

1st :GS Kicukiro
2nd :GS Kigeme B
3rd : APE Rugunga


1st: Centre Scolaire Rwaza II
2nd: EP Karagari

VOLLEYBALL BOYS    (24 Players)

1st: GS Kigeme B
2nd: Centre Scolaire Nyamagumba

NETBALL GIRLS    (28 Players)    

1st : EP Runyinya
2nd : CS Susa II

Here is a list of  previous FEASSSA Games’ hosts:

  1. 2002: Kenya (Nairobi)
  2. 2003: Uganda (Kampala)
  3. 2004: Kenya (Mombasa)
  4. 2005: Uganda (Mbarara)
  5. 2006: Tanzania (Dar Salaam)
  6. 2007: Kenya (Kisumu)
  7. 2008: Rwanda (Kigali)
  8. 2009: Uganda (Fort Portal)
  9. 2010: Kenya (Nakuru)
  10. 2011: Uganda (Mbarara)
  11. 2012: Burundi (Bujumbura)
  12. 2013: Uganda (Lira)
  13. 2014: Tanzania (Dar Salaam)
  14. 2015: Rwanda (Huye)
  15. 2016: Kenya (Eldoret)
  16. 2017: Uganda (Gulu)
  17. 2018: Rwanda (Musanze)
  18. 2019: Tanzania (Arusha)
  19. 2020 & 2021; No championship as a result of Covid 19 outbreak.
  20. 2022:Tanzania (Arusha)
  21. 2023: Rwanda (Kigali)


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