NSSF General Manager Jobs Application Requirements, Qualifications (Corporate Secretary)


Reporting to the Managing Trustee, the General Manager (Corporation Secretary and Legal Services) will be responsible for providing Company Secretarial services to the Board of Trustees and ensuring the Fund operates within its established legal framework and complies with statutory and other regulatory requirements.



  • Advise the Fund on legal matters and monitors compliance to various applicable laws and regulations;
  • Initiate policy, strategy and programs for Legal Services and Ethics  & Integrity functions;
  • Provide timely legal advice to assist the Fund in making informed decisions;
  • Keep safe custody of the seal of the Fund and accounts to the Board for its use
  • Assist the Board in carrying out; Board induction and training, Update the Board, Preparation of Board work plans, Board evaluation, Governance audit, Implementation of the Code of Conduct and Ethics;
  • Provide Secretarial services to the Board of Trustees, Board Committees and EXCOM;
  • Ensure that the Fund operates within its established legal framework and complies with statutory and other regulatory requirements by undertaking periodic legal audit compliance;
  • Co-ordinate and ensure representation of the Fund in courts or/and quasi-judicial institutions including dispute resolution forums;
  • Oversee the debt recovery process and selection of external counsel for litigation and conveyancing;
  • Coordinate all legal matters in liaison with State Law Office, Government Ministries & Agencies, external counsel and third parties;
  • Develop and review security documentation, leases, service level agreements, contracts, and all legal instruments that relate to the Fund;
  • Provide advisory services on the implementation/management of the legal recovery processes in accordance with legal instruments entered into;
  • Ensure that Intellectual Property Rights are registered and secure;
  • Ensure Safe custody of the Fund’s seal and record of its usage, minute books and instruments of Fund;
  • Update the Board, Management and staff on new development in legal environment, providing advisory service, offering legal opinions/advice, identification and mitigation of legal risks and interpretation of legal instruments and statutes;
  • Prepare the annual calendar of Board/Board Committee/EXCOM meetings;
  • Ensure proper execution of contracts by authorized signatories;
  • Ensure timely compliance with rules and regulations affecting the Fund, including the Code of Conduct and Ethics;
  • Attend to all legal matters of the Fund including vetting and drafting of legal agreements in relation to the Fund’s operations; and
  • Enhance ethics, integrity and corruption prevention in the



  • Master’s Degree     in    Law,    Finance,     Business                 Management,  Business Administration or a related field from a recognized institution;
  • Bachelor’s Degree    in    Law,    Finance,    Business                    Management, Business Administration or a related field from a recognized institution;
  • Professional qualification in any of the following disciplines: Law, Finance, Business Management or a related field from a recognized institution;
  • At least twelve (12) years relevant cumulative work experience, five (5) of which should have been at a senior management position;
  • Certified Public Secretary;
  • Membership to a relevant and accredited professional body and in good standing;
  • Leadership Course from a recognized institution or a Certificate in Corporate Governance;
  • Certificate in computer applications from a recognized institution; and
  • Fulfilled requirements of Chapter 6 of the Constitution.



  • Strong leadership, strategic formulation execution capabilities;
  • Relationship management, problem solving &analytical ability;
  • Governance &ethics management capability;
  • Interpersonal &Communication Skills;
  • Tact & diplomacy;
  • Negotiation skills;
  • Fulfilled the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution; and
  • Demonstrated results in work

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