Meet KMTC Student Judith Akoth who will be graduating at the age of 39 years

This is what it means when they say, “age is merely a number.”
I came into this world on 26/10/1984, facing adversity from the very start. At the tender age of seven, I lost my father, and at 10, my mother also died, leaving me orphaned and under the care of my maternal grandparents.
Despite the challenges, I showed promise academically, ranking as the 3rd best in my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam in 1998.
Although I faced financial constraints that led me to attend multiple day schools, I persevered. My resilience led me to complete my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in 2002, where I earned a B-. Life took another challenging turn when my diabetic grandmother passed away, forcing me into an early marriage at the age of 18, due to lack of accommodation.
Amid life’s hardships, a glimmer of hope emerged in 2019. Nursing my sick aunt, I encountered a kind soul who recognized my potential. Despite being a peasant farmer, he saw a nurse in me.
Encouraged by his words, I took a leap of faith and joined KMTC Siaya Campus in March 2020. The journey was far from easy, especially with opposition from my family and a significant ankle injury in January this year.
Just two months away from my Final Qualifying Exams, I received the devastating news of my husband’s passing on while I was on rural placement. The world seemed to crumble around me, but I refused to be broken.
I stand here today as a testament to the strength of a determined heart. Age, I’ve learned, is merely a number. At 39, I earned my diploma, and my journey doesn’t end here.
My message to every woman out there is to hold onto your dreams, regardless of the obstacles. Let’s support one another, lifting each other up instead of being stumbling blocks.
Together, we can change societal perceptions about KMTC. By upholding morality and doing what is right, we can reshape attitudes.
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