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The Kenya Universities and College Placement Service (KUCCPS), is tasked with placing KCSE candidates into courses of their choice. Those who miss their choices can apply for inter institution transfers.

After the placement, KUCCPS gives candidates an opportunity to apply for inter-university transfer. This enables those students who were not pleased with the university/college in which they were placed to transfer to the university/college of their choice.

Kuccps opens the Inter University Transfer Application Portal for KCSE students to change placed university. Here is the Kuccps complete guide on the transfer process:

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1. How can I apply for inter-institutional transfer?

Applications must be submitted online through the Student’s Portal (students.kuccps.net).

2. What happens after I have submitted the application?

a) The university/college that you seek to transfer to will receive your application online and endorse it through its institutional portal.

b) Once your application has been endorsed by your desired institution, the releasing institution (your current university/college) will receive it and release you through the institution’s portal.

c) The endorsed application will move to KUCCPS for approval, after which a transfer letter will be generated in the applicant’s portal for downloading.

3. What should I do after downloading the inter-institutional transfer letter from the Student’s Portal?

Present it to the university/college that you have been transferred to for the institution to issue you with an admission letter and joining instructions.

4. I have typed the reason for transfer but the next step does not come up. What might be the problem?

You need to attach a document supporting your reason for transfer. Also, type a brief explanation why you are seeking to change institutions, in the provided space. The explanation should be not less than 300 characters and not more than 600 characters. (Tip: Type out the explanation in a Word document as you monitor the characters. Once the right length is achieved, copy and paste it in the provided space.)

5. I have selected the reason for transfer and I am required to attach a supporting document.
What I am supposed to attach?

Attach a document that supports the reason that you have provided. For example, if you have cited medical reasons, you may attach a letter from a recognised health facility/medical professional.

6. Am I allowed to change both the course and the institution?

It is possible to change both the course and institution provided you meet the course subject requirements and cut-off points.

7. I only wish to change the course and not the university/college. What is the process?

You can change the course through an inter-faculty transfer, which is handled by the university/ college. The institution’s academic registrar will guide you.

8. I deferred my studies and now wish to move to another institution. Are previous years’
candidates allowed to transfer?

The current online transfer application is only for those who sat the 2021 KCSE examination and were placed in universities and colleges.

9. After my transfer is approved, when will I be reporting to the new institution and how will I get the admission letter?

The institution that you have transferred to is responsible for issuing the admission letter and other joining instructions.

10. What should I do if the institution I am seeking to transfer to fails to endorse my transfer?

You application will revert back to you immediately the institution denies endorsement. Similarly, if the institution fails to act after 7 days, it will revert back to you to enable you initiate a fresh application

11. Will my transfer be approved if the receiving institution endorses it but the receiving
(releasing) institution declines?

Your application will move to KUCCPS for further direction or administrative action.

12. How much does one pay for an inter-institution transfer?

The inter-institution transfer processing charges is Ksh.1,000.

13. How long does it take for the inter-institution transfer to be concluded?

It takes 14 days upon receipt of your fully endorsed application.

14. How many times can one request for an inter-institution transfer?

Inter-institution transfer is allowed only once.

15. Can I transfer from a diploma to degree programme?

You can transfer to a degree course if you attained a mean grade of C+ and above and you meet the specific requirements of the degree programme.

For enquiries, Call: 020 5137400 or Email: [email protected]

Before commencing the application for transfer, please read these instructions carefully:

  1. For one to be eligible for transfer, the Placement Service must have placed the applicant to the programme one is seeking a transfer from.
  2. One will only be able to apply to transfer to a course whose minimum requirements one meets.
  3. Applicants to degree programmes must meet the applicable cut-off point for their respective placement year.
  4. The programme applied to must have been on offer in the year the applicant was placed.
  5. An applicant may only apply to transfer to one programme.
  6. An applicant shall only transfer once for the duration of the programme placed.
  7. The applicant may view the available programmes and their requirements by clicking the Programmes tab above and can search for courses by institution, using the Institutions tab above.
  8. Once the applicant has settled on a preferred programme, only the 7-Character Programme Code will be required.
  9. To apply, use the transfer applications tab and follow the instructions provided.
  10. An application-processing fee of Ksh1,000 is charged per application.
  • A prompt for the M-PESA transaction code will appear at the point of submission. Please keep the transaction code safely as it may be required again.
  • CAUTION! Do not make any payment before the applicant has been prompted or after the application deadline has passed!

Once one has made an application for transfer, the applicant may monitor the progress of their application via the student’s portal.

How to apply for inter-institution transfer

  • Visit KUCCPS student portal at http://students.kuccps.net/ to log in
  • After that click the transfer tab at the top of your window
  • Select the programme and in the inter-institution transfer field enter the programme code
  • You should give a reason why you could wish to transfer
  • After filling the form correctly, download and print
  • You should also send the form to the institution you transferring to for endorsement and acceptance
  • When accepted you should take the form to your previous university for release and then send it to KUCCPS for your new admission letter.

Follow the steps below to apply for inter university transfer:

  1. Visit KUCCPS website via http://student.kuccps.net
  2. Enter your KCSE index number ,as the ‘KCSE year’ ,use your KCPE index number or birth certificate number as password to login into your account
  3. Click on the ‘transfers’ tab on the top of the window and follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Select the programme you want to transfer to ,In the inter institution transfer field insert the Programme code. You will proceed only if you meet the cut off points and other minimum requirements for the specific course in the institution.

STEP 2: Reason For transfer:

The placement service demands that a candidate provides a solid reason for transfer. Main reasons for transfer are; Medical reasons, Financial reasons, Person with Disability, Not my preferred programme or other (You specify). Attach any relevant document that supports the reason for your transfer after which you will be required(in not less than 300 and not more than 600 words) to explain the reason for initiating the transfer. The next page will load automatically if all fields are filled.

STEP 3: Transfer payment:

A non refundable transfer fee of Sh 1,000 is paid to KUCCPS via Mpesa .You will follow the procedures indicated in the current window to make payments. After entering the Mpesa confirmation code ,the system will validate and automatically load the next step.

STEP 4: Approval by Receiving institution:

The institution you applied to transfer to will receive your application, Considering the availability of space of the course at the institution, the receiving institution may endorse or reject your request.

STEP 5: Approval by release institution:

If your application is accepted by the receiving institution, the releasing institution will most probably endorse your transfer.

STEP 6: Approval by KUCCPS:

After your transfer is approved by both the releasing and receiving institutions, the placement service will review your application.

STEP 7: Once your application has been reviewed by KUCCPS ,you will be required to download the transfer letter which you will present to the receiving institution during admission.


Inter institution transfer is done Online. No physical presentation of application forms to any office.

Inter Faculty/change of course is done by the institution (University) and not by KUCCPS.

Payment For KUCCPS Inter-university transfer

1. An application-processing fee of Ksh1,000 is charged per application.

A prompt for the M-PESA transaction code will appear at the point of submission. Please keep the transaction code safely as it may be required again.

CAUTION! Do not make any payment before the applicant has been prompted or after the application deadline has passed!

2. Once one has made an application for transfer, the applicant may monitor the progress of their application via the student’s portal.

Note 1:

All application fee payments to the Placement Service MUST be made to the M-Pesa Pay Bill No. 820201.

Note 2:

Applicants are cautioned against sending money to any individual posing on social media or any other platform purporting to be in a position to assist them. The Placement Service does not require applicants to send money to any mobile phone numbers.

Note 3:

KUCCPS Contact Details Mobile phone lines: 0723 954 927 and 0734 879 662, 020 5137400.

Email: [email protected].

The transfer application is NOT for all students and is subject to endorsement by the concerned universities or colleges.

Interested applicants should also note the following.

  1. Through the inter-institutional transfer process, students can change the institution where they have been placed or change both institution and course subject to the applicable cut-off points.
  2. Interested applicants are required to log in to the Student’s Portal (students.kuccps.net) to initiate the application. The process is outlined in the portal.
  3. Payment of the transfer procesing fee should be done after one has successfully completed all the steps in the application process following the instructions provided in the portal. Do not pay in advance.
  4. All application payments to KUCCPS MUST be made to the M-Pesa Pay Bill No. 820201.
  5. Applicants are cautioned against sending money to any individual posing online as KUCCPS staff.  KUCCPS does not require applicants to send money to mobile phone numbers.

For guidance, contact KUCCPS on 0723 954 or 020 5137400. You may also send an email to [email protected].


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