KCPE 2023 CRE Commonly Tested Questions




                                              Time: 2 Hours 30 Mins



  1. God created the universe in 6 days. On which day did He create the sea, creatures and birds
    1. 2nd
    2. 4th
    3. 5th
    4. 6th
  2. “Never against shall I destroy my people with water” God made a covenant with Noah. The sign of the covenant was
    1. Dove
    2. Rainbow
    3. Raven
    4. Fire
  3. Abraham separated with Lot due to
    1. jealousy
    2. hatred
    3. enemity
    4. quarrels over grazing lands
  4. Which gift of the holy spirit did Joseph have which made him famous in Egypt?
    1. Interpreting dreams
    2. Working miracles
    3. Artistic talent
    4. Was a good speaker
  5. Why did Moses decide to leave Egypt to go and live in Midian?
    1. To look for the burning bush
    2. To escape from Pharaoh
    3. To look for Jethro’s herd
    4. To receive the ten commandments
  6. Which one of the following achievements of David made Jerusalem a centre of worship?

He _______________________

  1. built the temple
  2. brought back the ark of the covenant
  3. killed Goliath
  4. fought 5000 men
  1. “My clan is the weakest in the tribe of Manasseh and I am the least important member of my family.” Who spoke these words
    1. Gideon
    2. David
    3. Isaiah
    4. Joseph
  2. Which one of the following is the reason why king Solomon is remembered as a great king of Israel. He ____________________
    1. bought the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem
    2. had many wives
    3. had great wisdom
    4. built the lord’s temple in Jerusalem
  3. Which one of the following is not a prophecy of prophet Isaiah about the work of the

Messiah. He would

  1. preach good and to the poor
  2. give sight to the blind
  3. lead Israelites free from the Roman rule
  4. set the oppressed fire
  1. Why was Mary greatly troubled by the angel’s message during the annunciation of the birth of Jesus?
    1. She was engaged to Joseph
    2. she was a virgin
    3. she feared the angel
    4. she was barren
  2. Who ordered for a census to be done when Jesus was born?
    1. Pontius Pilate
    2. King Herod
    3. Augustus Caesar
    4. Governor Quirintius
  3. Complete the following beatitude: Happy are these who are humble
    1. for they will see God
    2. God will be merciful to them
    3. the kingdom of heaven
    4. they will receive what God has promised
  4. Which of the following parables of Jesus teaches about forgiveness
    1. the good Samaritan
    2. the prodigal son
    3. the mustard sad
    4. the net
  5. Which of the following teachings of Jesus about prayer is true?
    1. God answers prayers immediately
    2. It should be said in humility
    3. Prayer should be long
    4. It should be said in groups
  6. Cleophas and his friend were talking to Jesus without realising till he
    1. prayed with them
    2. broke the bread
    3. explained the scriptures
    4. drank the wine
  7. Jesus asked His disciples to pray on Mount Olive inorder to
    1. stay awake
    2. defend themselves
    3. avoid falling into temptations
    4. fight Judas and the soldier
  8. Which one of the following activities shows a fruit of the holy spirit?
    1. Telling about the future
    2. Speaking in tongues
    3. Caring for the sick
    4. Conducting bible study
  9. Before the disciples received the Holy spirit they were in a room in Jerusalem
    1. sleeping
    2. praying
    3. hiding
    4. eating
  10. The story of Saul on his way to Damascus teaches Christians to
    1. support the spread of the gospel
    2. help there in need
    3. be kind to the poor
    4. read the scriptures
  11. When there was a famine the believers sent Paul and Barnabbas to Judea to
    1. preach to non jews
    2. heal the sick
    3. take money to fellow believers
    4. place hands on the non converts
  12. Which one of the following is a role of ancestors in the traditional African society? Ancestors act as intermediaries between the living and God.
    1. Ancestors show the living how to use their talents wisely
    2. Ancestors remind the living to love their enemies
    3. Ancestors teach the living on how to pray
  13. Three of the following are reasons why circumcision is practised in traditional African societies, which one is not?
    1. The initiates become full members of their community
    2. The initiates pass from childhood to adulthood
    3. The initiates are allowed to marry
    4. The initiates become chiefs
  14. Which one of the following traditional African practice concerning new life is illegal in Kenya?
    1. Naming
    2. Taking
    3. Circumcision
    4. Female genital mutilation
  15. Which of the following statements is true of both christianity and traditional African religion?
    1. They both teach about the second coming of Jesus
    2. They both have holy books
    3. They both have missionaries
    4. They both teach about life after death
  16. Christians best prepare themselves for Easter by
    1. repenting their sins
    2. buying new clothes
    3. visiting their friends
    4. preparing special food
  17. After assisting her mother in kitchen. work, Daisy realizes that she had some extra time.

As a christian the best way to spread it is by

  1. reading story books
  2. watching films
  3. visiting her friend
  4. visiting an orphan
  1. Which one of the following is not a reason why the taking of alcohol as a way of spending leisure is condemned.
    1. It leads to conflicts within the family
    2. It leads to irresponsible sexual behaviours
    3. It promotes mental health
    4. It could lead to a loss of income
  2. Dennis, a standard eight pupil has been receiving gifts from an elderly rich woman who wants to have a relationship with him. As a christian the right action for him to take is to
    1. transfer to another school
    2. inform other pupils about the roman
    3. report the matter to the headteacher
    4. accept the gifts
  3. You have discovered that Bosire your best friend is being used by a rich man to sell drugs to other pupils in school. As a christian you should tell him to
    1. Transfer to another school
    2. ask the rich man to pay him well
    3. sell the drugs and not use them
    4. stop selling the drugs and concentrate in class 30.Which one of the following is a wrong use of money?
    5. Helping the needy to become rich
    6. Paying school fees for a relative
    7. Paying salaries to workers
    8. Giving gifts to voters
  4. God gave human beings the responsibility to do all the following except
    1. cultivate the land
    2. use creation for their benefits
    3. to rule some animals
    4. name all birds and animals
  5. “Leave your land and go to a country that! will show you” These words were said to
    1. Jacob
    2. Abraham
    3. Moses
    4. Noah
  6. The following are reasons why Moses was not willing to go back to Egypt except ________________________. A.he had killed an Egyptian
    1. he was not a good speaker
    2. he lacked knowledge of Yahweh
    3. God had appeared to him in a burning bush
  7. ______________________ was an annual event celebrated every year to remember deliverance from slavery in Egypt.
    1. Passover
    2. Last supper
    3. Pentecost
    4. Transfiguration
  8. Which one of the following is not an importance of the Passover to the Israelites?
    1. They were saved from the angel of death
    2. It saved them from slavery in Egypt
    3. It led to killing of all Egyptians in Egypt
    4. It is celebrated as a thanks -giving
  9. Why is the commandment of love known as the greatest?
    1. It is a gift of the Holy spirit
    2. It is above the law of God
    3. It summarizes all the laws of God
    4. It was given by Moses
  10. Who among the following kings committed adultery?
    1. Ahab
    2. David
    3. Saul
    4. Hosea
  11. The king who took the role of a prophet and made a sacrifice was ________________________.
    1. Ahab
    2. Hosea
    3. David
    4. Saul
  12. When King David sinned prophet ________________________ was sent to rebuke him?
    1. Nathan
    2. Zadock
    3. Samuel
    4. Ahijah
  13. The following happened during the time of prophet Elijah except
    1. He challenged the prophets of Baal
    2. Prophesied 3 years drought in Israel
    3. Healed the bad water and made it good
    4. He was fed by ravens
  14. Why did Jesus Christ agree to be baptised even though he had no sin?
    1. To get a new name
    2. it was a tradition to be baptized
    3. To obey John the baptist
    4. To fulfill the will of God
  15. Who found baby Jesus lying in a manger wrapped in strips of clothe immediately after His birth?
    1. Annah
    2. Shepherds
    3. Wisemen
    4. Simeon
  16. During presentation of Jesus, Simeon stated the following except
    1. Jesus would bring salvation to all people B.Jesus would bring glory to the people of Israe!
    2. Jesus would set Jerusalem free
    3. Jesus would be a light to reveal God’s will
  17. “This is my own dear son with who” I am pleased. During which occasions were these words said?
    1. Birth of Jesus Christ
    2. Transfiguration
    3. Death of Jesus Christ
    4. Baptism of Jesus Christ
  18. _________________________ led Christ to the wilderness after his baptism.
    1. Holy spirit
    2. Satan
    3. Disciples
    4. John the baptist
  19. The miracles of Jesus Christ demonstrated the following except,

_________________________ A.God’s glory and powers.

  1. His power over life.
  2. His power over human begins.
  3. How leaders should serve people.
  1. Which one of the following is the teaching of Jesus on fasting?


Be cheerful and do it privately.

Look miserable in order to win sympathy of people.

Tell people we are fasting and no food to be brought. Avoid peoples company as they will ask us to eat.

  1. Jesus used ___________________________ to reveal the secrets of the kingdom of God to his disciples and people.
    1. prayers
    2. beatitudes
    3. miracles
    4. parables
  2. “This cup is God’s new covenant sealed with my blood, which is poured out for you.” When were these words said?
    1. Praying at the garden of Gethsemane
    2. Last supper
    3. Pentecost
    4. Passover
  3. During the day of Pentecost people from all over the world had gathered in Jerusalem to _______________________.
    1. celebrate Passover
    2. listen to the disciples
    3. wait for the holy spirit
    4. repent their sins
  4. Who composed the apostles creed for all Christians?
    1. Disciples
    2. Jesus
    3. God
    4. Apostles
  5. Who baptized the Ethiopian Eunuch?
    1. John the baptist
    2. Phillip
    3. Jesus
    4. Peter
  6. Which gift was given to Solomon by God?
    1. Healing
    2. Faith
    3. Wisdom
    4. Working miracles
  7. Which is the best way of reconciling with God in African traditional religion?
    1. Offerings
    2. Prayers
    3. Ritual and rites
    4. Sacrifices
  8. Which one of the following practices is not compatible with African Traditional Society?

Female circumcision

Going to school


Cham and amulets

  1. Which one of the following is a difference between African Traditional Society understanding on continuity of life and Christian understanding? A.Believe in judgement.
    1. Life is cyclic.
    2. Those who die become spirits.
    3. Life continues in spiritual world.
  2. In order to accept ourselves and others we should do the following except
    1. avoid being critical about ourselves
    2. avoid being critical about others
    3. accept ourselves the way we were created
    4. try to change others
  3. The following are reasons why children are engaged in child labour. Which one is not?
    1. To become famous
    2. Due to poverty
    3. High cost of living
    4. After being orphans
  4. David’s son, Amnon, committed one of the following sexual misuse, which one is it?
    1. Adultery
    2. Prostitution
    3. Incest
    4. Fornication
  5. Kamau’s wife is sick, his church does not believe in hospital treatment. What advice can you, as Christian give to Kamau?
    1. Take him to the prophet who can pray for his wife
    2. Have Kamau arrested by the police
    3. Tell him to take her to hospital
    4. Encourage him to continue praying persistently
  6. God showed that the seventh day was a special one during creation when He finished all creation.
    1. blessed it and rested.
    2. created human beings in His image.
    3. blessed all the creation.
  7. Which one of the following commands did God give Noah after the flood?
    1. Have many children so that your descendants will live all over the earth.
    2. Leave your father’s home and go to a country that I will show you.
    3. Remove your shoes for you are standing on a holy ground.
    4. offer your only so as a sacrifice.
  8. Iam who Iam, this is my name forever” (Exodus 3:14-15). God spoke these words to Abraham.


Moses. Isaac.

  1. Which one of the following events took place during the Exodus? A.The Israelites attacked Jericno.
    1. The covenan’ box was made.
    2. Saul was appointed king.
    3. Deborah served as a judge.
  2. When Hannah prayed at Shiloh, she asked God to give her A.long life.
    1. a son.
  3. Which one of the following reasons explains why king Saul wanted to kill David? A.David had been appointed king.
    1. Saul had an evil spirit.
    2. David had become famous.
    3. David had refused to marry his daughter.
  4. In which one of the following ways did king Solomon turn away from God? He A.married many wives.
    1. refused to build a temple.
    2. allowed the worship of false gods.
    3. acquired a lot of wealth.
  5. Prophet Jeremiah was mistreated by being thrown into a dry well.
    1. put in a lions’ den.
    2. put in prison.
    3. beaten by the king.
  6. When there was famine in Israel, prophet Elijah went to live with a widow in Shunem.
  7. The son that Zechariah and Elizabeth was given a name by A.Mary.
    1. angel Gabriel.
  8. Who among the following people ordered for a census to be done in Israel? Augustus.


  1. Which one of the following was a teaching of Jesus during the sermon on the mount?
    1. ‘Give to Ceasar what belongs to him.’
    2. ‘Happy are the pure in heart, they will see God’
    3. ‘He who is the least will be the greatest.”
    4. ‘I am the way, the truth and life.”
  2. The woman whom Jesus asked for water at a well was a A.Levite.
  3. Which one of the following miracles of Jesus shows that He came as a universal saviour? A.Healing a paralysed man.
    1. Healing the Roman officer’s servant.
    2. Raising Lazarus.
    3. Calming a storm.
  4. The parable of the sower teaches Christians
    1. how the word of God grows in them.
    2. to plant good seeds in their farms.
    3. to take good care of their farms.
    4. to help people in need.
  5. Who among the following people said that Jesus was a good man after He died on the cross?
    1. The repentant thief.
    2. An army officer.
    3. Pontious Pilate.
    4. Joseph of Arimathea
  6. Unless I see the scars and put my fingers on those scars and my hand in His side, I will not believe’ (John 20:25). These words were said by A.Peter.
  7. The Jews were surprised on the day of Pentecost when the disciples A.performed miracles.
    1. sang and praised God.
    2. preached to the crowd.
    3. spoke in foreign languages.
  8. The story of Ananias and Sapphira teaches Christians to be
    1. humble
    2. patient
    3. honest
    4. obedient
  9. When Paul and Silas were in jail in Philippi, they were A.mourning.
  10. When Peter went to the town of Joppa, he baptized an Ethiopian Eunuch.
    1. preached to Comelius.
    2. raised Tabitha.
    3. healed a lame beggar.
  11. Which one of the following beliefs about God in traditional African communities is true? God
    1. provides for His creation.
    2. is served by angels.
    3. finished creation in six days…
    4. lives in heaven.
  12. In traditional African communities, shrines are places where A.ancestors are buried.
    1. initiation ceremonies are done.
    2. the youth are taught.
    3. sacrifices are offered.
  13. When there is good harvest in traditional African communities, people thank God by A.offering food sacrifices in shrines.
    1. giving food to travellers.
    2. selling surplus food.
    3. using foodstuffs to pay dowry.
  14. Christians show obedience to lawful authority by A.praising their leaders.
    1. paying taxes.
    2. praying for their leaders.
    3. going to church.
  15. The church promotes good health among
    1. offering free medical care. people in Kenya by
    2. establishing hospitals.
    3. visiting sick people.
    4. preaching to the sick.
  16. Meshack, a standard eight pupil, helped an old woman carry a heavy basket. This shows that Meshack
    1. knew the woman.
    2. was a strong person.
    3. was a kind person.
    4. was related to the woman.
  17. Maria, who is your deskmate, keeps on getting ill. The best action for you to take is to
    1. pray and advise her to go to hospital.
    2. change your sitting position.
    3. tell her to transfer to another school.
    4. tell her to stay at home.
  18. The best way for parents to teach their children good behaviour is by setting good examples.
    1. preparing family laws.
    2. punishing children who misbehave.
    3. taking their children for counselling.
  19. Christians can benefit the community during their free time by A.singing in church.
    1. reading the Bible.
    2. watching Christian programs.
    3. visiting the elderly.
  20. Which one of the following book speaks about creation?
    1. Exodus
    2. Numbers
    3. Genesis
    4. Leviticus
  21. According to the Genesis stories of creation
    1. sea, land and plants were created on the third day
    2. man was created on the fifth day
    3. heavenly bodies were created on the fifth day D.birds and sea creatures were created after man 93.Who among the following people was asked to build an ark?
    4. Jeremiah
    5. Noah
    6. Joseph
    7. Gideon
  22. Moses was given the ten commandments on mount
    1. Ararat
    2. Nebo
    3. Sinai
    4. Carmel
  23. The prophet who foretold about Jesus being a refugee in Egypt was
    1. Micah
    2. Jeremiah
    3. Hosea
    4. Isaiah
  24. The first people to visit baby Jesus were
    1. the angels
    2. shepherds
    3. the relatives
    4. wise men from the East
  25. The healing of Naaman was done by
    1. Elijah
    2. Gehazi
    3. Moses
    4. Elisha
  26. King Solomon sinned against God when he
    1. married many wives
    2. asked God for wisdom
    3. allowed idolatry
    4. built the temple in Jerusalem
  27. Which one of the following events took place during the night before the Exodus started?
    1. All the first born son of the Israelites were killed by the angel
    2. The Israelites drank wine
    3. Roasted meat was eaten by both Israelites and Egyptians
    4. Blood was smeared on the door posts to identify the houses of the Israelites
  28. Lazarus and his two sisters lived in
    1. Jerusalem
    2. Capernaum
    3. Bethany
    4. Galilee













  1. Which one of the following chapters of the Quran is known as the mother of Quran? A.Fatiha
    1. Nas
    2. Ikhlas
    3. Maun
  2. Which one of the following surah talks about the unity of Allah (s.w)?
    1. Fiil
    2. Kauthar
    3. Ikhlas
    4. Falaq
  3. Which one of the following is the correct teaching of surah Al-Fatiha? A.Knowledge is a duty.
    1. Allah (s.w) is the king of kings.
    2. Muslims should not associate Allah (s.w) with other things.
    3. The prophet is a great friend of Allah (s.w)
  4. Which of the following pairs of surahs is recited to seek for Allah’s protection?
    1. Nas and Maun
    2. Falaq and Ikhlas
    3. Ikhlas and Nas
    4. Nas and Falaq
  5. The only surah in the Quran that has “Bismillahi” as part of its verses is:- A.Falaq
    1. ikhlas
    2. Fatiha
    3. Maun
  6. The prophet (a.w) said that Muslims are like a single building each brick holds the other. What was the prophet (s.a.w) referring to:- A.unity of Muslims
    1. love among Muslims
    2. co-operation between Muslims
    3. Muslim brotherhood
  7. Which one of the following is not among Islamic manners of toileting? A.Enter with the left foot.
    1. Carrying the Quran in the pocket
    2. Coming out with the right foot
    3. Saying ghufranakka when coming out
  8. Which one of the following sunnah salat is performed to seek for rain from Allah(s.w)? A.Istikharah
    1. Tarawen
    2. Dhuha
    3. Istisqal
  9. Which one of the following is a sunnah act of udhu?
    1. Washing the face
    2. Washing the feet
    3. Washing the hair
    4. Rinsing the mouth
  10. Which one of the following things does not nullify Saum?
    1. Eating intentionally
    2. Vomiting intentionally
    3. Swallowing saliva
    4. Swallowing
  11. Which is the miqaat for pilgrims of East Africa?
    1. Yalamlam
    2. Dhul- Hulaifa
    3. Dhatil – Irq
    4. Juhfa
  12. Which one of the following items is not liable for zakat?
    1. Cattle
    2. Beans
    3. Utensils
    4. Money
  13. Who among the following angels of Allah (w) is correctly matched with his duty?
    1. Jibril – incharge of death
    2. Mikail – incharge of rain
    3. Ridhwam incharge of hell
    4. Izrail-incharge of wahy
  14. The scrolls were given to prophet
    1. Musa
    2. Daud
    3. Mohammad
    4. Ibrahim
  15. The first prophet of Allah (w) to be sent to the world was
    1. Mohammad
    2. Nuh
    3. Adam
    4. Issa
  16. How many rakaat has swalatul subh?



  1. Three
  2. Four
  3. One
  1. What should one say when he/she hears a Muslim sneezing?
    1. Subhanallah
    2. Maashallah
    3. Allahu Akbar
    4. Yarhamkallah
  2. Amina a girl in standard seven has developed bad habits of disobeying her parents. What advice would you give her as a friend? A.Tell her to continue with the habit.
    1. Threaten to report her to the polite.
    2. Tell her why its wrong to disobey parents
    3. Stop your friendship immediately
  3. How many goats are slaughtered during the Aqiqa of a baby boy?
    1. One
    2. Three
    3. Two
    4. Four
  4. What was the name of the horse that prophet Mohammad (a.w) used during the journey of Isra-wai-miraaj?
    1. Buraq
    2. Mahmud
    3. Suraqah
    4. Zaruf
  5. The main reason why hoarding is prohibited in isiam is A.it makes some people rich.
    1. it can cause death.
    2. it is a form of injustice.
    3. it removes blessings from the goods
  6. Which one of the following is not a quality of a Muslim leader?
    1. Intelligent
    2. Arrogant
    3. Knowledgeable
    4. Generous
  7. Which cave did prophet Mohammed (a.w) hide during hijrah?
    1. Hirah B.Tuwa
    2. Hunain
    3. Thaur
  8. Who among the following is the only child who survived the prophet (a.w)?
    1. Fatma


  1. Ibrahim
  2. Ruqaya
  1. The last rightly guided caliph of Islam was
    1. Uthman
    2. Abubakr
    3. Umar
    4. Ali
  2. The first woman to embrace Islam was
    1. Aisha
    2. Khadijah
    3. Sumaya
    4. Mariam
  3. Which town was Amina bint Wahab from
    1. Makkah
    2. Taif
    3. Madina
    4. Madyam
  4. Who wrote the treaty of Hudaibiyah on behalf of the Quraish?
    1. Suhail bin Amru
    2. Uthman bin Affan
    3. Abubakar Assidiq
    4. Ali bin Abi Talib
  5. The prophet of Allah (w) who had the powers of commanding wind was,______________________.
    1. Ibrahim
    2. Musa
    3. Mohammad
    4. Suleiman
  6. The place of worship for the hindus is, _________________________.
    1. Church
    2. Temple
    3. Synagogue
    4. Mosque
  7. A person who fasts has two pleasures. One during _________________________ food. A.twaam.
  8. Which of the following vices is condemned in surah Al-Falaq? A. Witchcraft.
  9. Backbiting.


  1. Adultery.
  2. All the following are recomanended preparations for reading the holy Qur’an except
    1. taking wudhu.
    2. a siwak.
    3. facing qibia.
    4. not putting it on the bare ground.
  3. Which form of knowledge sticks best in mind according to surah Alaq?

Knowledge  A.of pictures.

  1. of the pen.
  2. from far away.
  3. of cramuning.
  1. Allah (SW) was not happy and even cursed Abu Lahab because he A.joined Abraham to destroy the holy kaaba.
    1. refused to join Islamic faith.
    2. dispersed the prophet’s congregation. D
    3. killed baby girls and burried others alive.
  2. What is the meaning of Taqwa in Islamic faith? A.Reliance on Allah.
    1. Obedience to Allah.
    2. The fear of God.
    3. Belief in Allah.
  3. A Muslim who believes in Qadar should always say ____________________________ when making future plans.
    1. fii amaanillah B.mashallah
    2. astaghfirullah
    3. inshallah
  4. After Takbiratul Ihraam, there follows A.seven Takbiras.
    1. surah Al-Fatiha
    2. bending for Rukuu.
    3. the first khutba.
  5. In which of the following villages did the hypocrites of Uhud in the Muslim army turn back and disappeared? A A.Abwa.
    1. C
  6. Which of the following ibaadaats cleanses off sins as free as a new born beby? Ablution.


  1. Hajj
  2. Jum’a to Jum’a
  3. Fast of sittat shawwal.
  1. “Al-Eal dil Ameen” is a description that was used to praise a city called Makkat mukarrama.
    1. Madinat munawwara.
  2. Muslims who reach at miqat to start hajj activities respond to Allah’s call by uttering A.tahniq.
    1. taibia
  3. Which prophet of Allah was killed by being cut into pieces? A.Zakariya.
  4. In which festival should Muslims first attend prayers before eating anything?
    1. Idd-ui-Fit
    2. Milad-un-Nabii.
    3. Idd-ul-hajj.
    4. Isra-wai-miraj.
  5. Prophet Musa (A.S) fled to Madyan after running away from _______________________ home.
    1. Firaun’s
    2. Shuaib’s
    3. Egypian’s
    4. an Israelite’s
  6. The present city of security where all Muslims today go for Hajj was the first settlement of
    1. Ibrahim’s family.
    2. Adam’s family.
    3. Muhammad’s family
    4. Nuh’s family.
  7. The names “Allah” and “Prophet” are introduced into the ear of a newbom baby for the first time through A.adhaan.
  8. The angel of Allah (SW) charged with the responsibility to welcome those rewarded at the gates of paradise is A.Malik.
  9. Muslims may locate and face Qibla for prayers by the help of all the following ways except
    1. use of a compass direction tool.
    2. use of the sunrise and sunset.
    3. use of a physically available mosque.
    4. automatic obvious imagination.
  10. Which of the following things is the same in both Jum’a and Idd prayers? A.The time of performing.
    1. When to say khutba.
    2. The number of rakaats prayed.
    3. Classification as sunna or fardh.
  11. Nadhir ibaadaats are
    1. the self promise to Allah.
    2. performed by few Muslims.
    3. performed as punishment.
    4. those performed at night.
  12. Which one of the following was not an advice given to prophet Mohammad by Jibril (AS)?
    1. To stay knowing that one day He will die.
    2. To love whom He loves but know that one day they’ll separate.
    3. He will be judged in all His deeds.
    4. Not to walk on earth with pride.
  13. The prophet assured Muslims that whoever shahada will be his or her last words before death will
    1. enter paradise.
    2. be resurrected.
    3. be heavier than the earth and all in it.
    4. be rewarded beyond imagination.
  14. The level of buried treasures and precious minerals the one should have in order to qualify to give out zakat is called A.tarka.
  15. The two swalats which have two adhasns in Islam are A.Idd-ul-fitr and Idd-ul-hajj.
    1. kusuf and khusuf.
    2. taraweh and tahajjud.
    3. fajr and Jum’a.
  16. Who was the secretary at the Hudaibiyaa treaty agreements and writings? A.Zaid bin Thaabit.
    1. Abubakr swiddiiq.
    2. Abu Sufian.
    3. Ali bin Abi Talib.          Edat is observed
    4. in the event of a husband’s death and twalaq.
    5. when a lady becomes seriously sick.
    6. if the couple never had Nikah ceremony.
    7. by all virgin ladies before marriage.
  17. Which of the following attributes of Allah is wrongly matched with its meaning?, Al-maswawwir – the dominant.
    1. Al-Baar – the originator.
    2. Al-Khaaliq – the creator.
    3. A-Razzaaq – the provider.
  18. What do Muslims celebrate on the first day on shawwaal? A.Eid-ul-fitr.
    1. Milad-un-nabii. C
  19. Muslims are allowed to reduce the number of rakaats in salaat A.dhuhr.
  20. Which verses among the following is found in suratul An-Nas?
    1. “So glorify the praises of your Lord”
    2. “Let them worship the Lord of this house
    3. “Say I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind”
    4. “Pray to your Lord and sacrifice to him alone”
  21. Which one of the following is a teaching of suratul Aadiyat?
    1. The night of power is better than a thousand months
    2. Human beings are at a loss except those who believe
    3. Human beings will be like moths
    4. All things will be exposed on the Day of Qiyama
  22. The main lesson derived from surah Fiyl is
    1. Allah is the Most Powerful
    2. Birds can damage anything
    3. Backbiters and rumour mongers will perish
    4. Worldly things should not destruct us
  23. The prophet (SAW) said, “Say the truth even if it is bitter.” This hadith teaches us on the virtue of
    1. tolerance
    2. honesty
    3. patience
    4. responsibility



  1. The first faradh part of wudhu is
    1. feet
    2. face
    3. head
    4. arms
  2. Which surah teaches Muslims the importance of tolerance?
    1. Masad
    2. Ikhlas
    3. Kaafirun
    4. Maun
  3. Which one of the following was a title given to Abubakar because he believed everything that the prophet(SAW) said?
    1. Assidiq
    2. Al-Amin
    3. Asadullah
    4. Abtar
  4. How many extra takbiras does the Imam say in the first rakaat of swalatul Idd?
    1. Two
    2. Three
    3. Five
    4. Seven
  5. The act of putting a sweet thing in the mouth of a newly born baby is known as
    1. Tahniiq
    2. AqiqA
    3. Nikah
    4. Mahar
  6. In which city did the prophet (SAW) die?
    1. Makkah
    2. Madinah
    3. Taif
    4. Jerusalem
  7. Mwafulani sells clothes but when it is almost Ramadhan he hides some and sells them a few days to Idd at a very high price. This act is haram and it is called 64.
    1. Israaf
    2. Ghush
    3. Hoarding
    4. Usury
  8. “Say, He is Allah the One.” This verse teaches us that
    1. we should avoid the shirk
    2. we should visit the sick
    3. Allah created everything
    4. guidance comes from Allah (SWT)
  9. In emphasizing unity among Muslims, the prophet(SAW) compared them to
    1. a flowing river
    2. a mountain
    3. an army
    4. a building
  10. How many animals are slaughtered during aqiqa for a baby girl?
    1. Two
    2. One
    3. Three
    4. Five
  11. A station where pilgrims make niyyah and change to Ihram during Hajj is called
    1. Muzdalifa
    2. Minaa
    3. Miiqat
    4. Sawfa
  12. The surah that was revealed to assure the prophet(SAW) of more revelation was
    1. Dhuha
    2. Inshirah
    3. Kauthar
    4. Falaq
  13. Which of the following is considered halal even if it is found dead?
    1. Cow
    2. Fish
    3. Chicken
    4. Crocodile
  14. Which act of worship is done before the prayer for Idul-Fitr?
    1. Fasting
    2. Giving zakatul Fitr
    3. Feasting
    4. Slaughtering
  15. For how long was the treaty of Hudaibiyya supposed to last?
    1. Ten years
    2. Three days
    3. Five weeks
    4. Three years
  16. Which pillar among the pillars of Islam is considered a shield?
    1. Shahada
    2. Zakah
    3. Saum
    4. Hajj
  17. Theprophet (SAW) said, “Whoever performs Hajj and commits no evil returns home________”
    1. as strong as a new born baby
    2. with thawaabs like a martyr
    3. very energetic ready for ibaada
    4. free from sins like a newly born baby
  18. What is the correct recitation done after the third Takbira in swalatul-Janaza?
    1. Prayer for the deceased
    2. Prayer for the prophet
    3. Prayer for all Muslims
    4. Recitation of surah Fatiha
  19. Who among the following wives of the prophet(SAW) was the daughter of Abubakar?
    1. Aisha (RA)
    2. Khadija (RA)
    3. Hafsa (RA)
    4. Zainab (RA)
  20. What marks the end of prayer?
    1. Suju
    2. Takbiir
    3. Taslim
    4. Julus
  21. Which attribute ofAllah(SWT) shows that He is the Most Forgiving?
    1. As-Swamad
    2. Al-Ghaffar
    3. Al-Khaliq
    4. AR-Rahiim
  22. In which month did Musa (AS) save the Israelites from Firaun?
    1. Ramadhan
    2. Rajab
    3. Muharram
    4. Dhul-Hijja
  23. Which one of the following nullifies both saum and swalah?
    1. Sleeping
    2. Backbiting
    3. Breast feeding
    4. Menstruation
  24. Which action among the following shows respect to the dead?
    1. Standing up on secing a coffîn (Janaza)
    2. Talking about the dead in low voices
    3. Planting trees around the grave
    4. Building around their graves
  25. What should a Muslim say on hearing news of death?
    1. Alhamdulillahi Alaa kulli haal
    2. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun
    3. Masha-Allah Tabaarakallah
    4. Astaghfirullah
  26. Which one among the following is a similarity between Jumua and Idd prayers?
    1. Both are performed after midday
    2. Both have one takbiratul-ihram
    3. Both have two sermons
    4. Both are performed before sunrise
  27. Which is the miqaat for pilgrims of East Africa?
    1. Yalamlam
    2. Dhul- Hulaifa
    3. Dhatil – Irq
    4. Juhfa
  28. Which one of the following items is not liable for zakat?
    1. Cattle
    2. Beans
    3. Utensils
    4. Money
  29. Who among the following angels of Allah (w) is correctly matched with his duty?
    1. Jibril – incharge of death
    2. Mikail – incharge of rain
    3. Ridhwam incharge of hell
    4. Izrail-incharge of wahy
  30. The scrolls were given to prophet
    1. Musa
    2. Daud
    3. Mohammad
    4. Ibrahim
  31. The first prophet of Allah (w) to be sent to the world was
    1. Mohammad
    2. Nuh
    3. Adam
    4. Issa
  32. How many rakaat has swalatul subh?
    1. Two
    2. Three
    3. Four
    4. One
  33. What should one say when he/she hears a Muslim sneezing?
    1. Subhanallah
    2. Maashallah
    3. Allahu Akbar
    4. Yarhamkallah
  34. Amina a girl in standard seven has developed bad habits of disobeying her parents. What advice would you give her as a friend? A.Tell her to continue with the habit.
    1. Threaten to report her to the polite.
    2. Tell her why its wrong to disobey parents
    3. Stop your friendship immediately
  35. How many goats are slaughtered during the Aqiqa of a baby boy?
    1. One
    2. Three
    3. Two
    4. Four
  36. What was the name of the horse that prophet Mohammad (a.w) used during the journey of Isra-wai-miraaj?
    1. Buraq
    2. Mahmud
    3. Suraqah
    4. Zaruf





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