How CBC Learners Will Transition To Secondary Schools

State Department of Early Learning and Basic Education Principal Secretary Dr Julius Jwan, has assured that the government is on track to increase capacities of secondary schools in the country for a smooth transition to the new curriculum.

The PS was speaking at Waso Secondary School in Isiolo County, after he officially commissioned a Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) classroom. He assured all the School Heads present of meeting the target of 10,000 classrooms by June.

“This is the new education system in Kenya that is currently set to replace the 8-4-4 education set-up. The system was introduced in 2017 after a long research and development by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD),” Jwan explained.

Construction of CBC classrooms is underway in secondary schools around the country, a move that is aimed at supporting the 100 per cent transition policy and to accommodate more learners by 2023 when the CBC Grade Six (6) candidates of 2022 will transit to Junior Secondary School.

The PS noted that the government has put in place a lot of infrastructure for learners who complete their secondary education to proceed to tertiary levels.

“Higher education has been diversified in that students have been given a platform to join technical institutes and national polytechnics, if they do not qualify for universities,” he added.

Jwan explained to students who were to join technical training institutes that they will automatically get Sh30, 000 provided as capitation by the government and access Sh40, 000 given by Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) to cater for their studies.

This is to ensure that the students do not get stranded after their form four due to lack of funds.

The PS lauded Isiolo County Commissioner Geoffrey Omoding, who chairs the Multi-Sectoral Team on project oversight and development, for ensuring construction is completed on time.

Students of Waso Secondary School were commended for being well behaved as there has been neither a case reported on an attempt of arson in their school nor exam malpractices during national examinations.

The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education first sit-in paper, will commence on March 14, 2022.

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