CS Magoha orders for re-introduction of PE lessons, as teachers get more responsibilities

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has ordered all schools to re-introduce Physical Education (PE) lessons. The CS who was speaking during the launch of the inaugural Physical Education and Sports Policy at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development said strengthening of PE will promote the Government’s push for realization of national goals of education.

“The implementation of Physical Education and Sport Policy will go a long way in promoting realization national goals of education. It’s also aligned to the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) which provides arts and sport as one of the career pathways,” the CS says.

Magoha promised to work with all government ministries and departments (including County Governments) to implement the new physical education and sports policy.

“We will mainstream physical education and sports in all our learning activities,” he added.

PE lessons are currently not taken seriously as teachers use the time allocated for them to teach other subjects. According to the Curriculum Based Establishment (CBE) all classes are supposed to have at least one PE lesson.

The new Physical Education and Sport Policy for basic education aims at Providing the learner with knowledge, skills, values and positive attitudes through P.E and sport for healthy lifestyle and lifelong learning.

The Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) identifies P.E and sport as one of the learning areas, provides a career pathway and makes it compulsory for all learners across the levels
of basic education taking cognizance of special needs and disabilities.

Although P.E and sport are part of the curriculum, it’s importance as a learning area is underestimated and has not been fully utilized in the past as an enabler of sustainable development.

New P.E and Sports Committees

A learner-centered implementation of P.E and sport, including indigenous and modern games, can beimproved with the provision of adequate resources, relevant content, appropriate pedagogy and appropriate assessment mechanism.

The basic governance structure that will oversee successful implementation of the P.E and Sports policy, at school level, shall be chaired by the head teacher while the secretary will be the games teacher.

The committee will comprise not more than 7 members including:

  • Head teacher/principal.
  • Teacher in-charge of games / focal teacher.
  • Guidance and counselling teacher.
  • Teacher in charge of health matters.
  • Parent representative.

The Head teacher/principal/ manager will be responsible for the overall implementation of this policy at institutional level. The head teacher/principal/ manager will:

  • Chair the school-based committee on P.E and sport,
  • Establish the school-based committee on P.E and sport,
  • Coordinate implementation of this policy at the institutional level,
  •  Oversee the day-to-day implementation of the policy,
  • Put in place mechanisms for internal quality assurance of P.E and sport programmes, and
  • Submit quarterly reports to the Sub-County.

On his/ her part, the substantively appointed games teacher will perform the following duties:

  • Coordinate all P.E and sport activities at the institution level,
  • Coordinate development of institutional-based guidelines for generation and mainstreaming of good practices in P.E and Sport,
  • Coordinate the P.E and sport club activities, and
  • Coordinate internal quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation of P.E and sport.

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