Learners reporting back to school in the past. The National COVID-19 Education Response Committee is inviting your input on how to reorganize the school calendar and safely reopen schools.

2024 school calendar Kenya

The Ministry of Education has released the revised and final 2024 calendar for both the pre-primary, the primary, secondary schools and also teachers’ training colleges.
Term 1 Calendar 2024
In the calendar ,all the pre-primary,the primary and secondary schools will open for the first term on January 8, 2024. The first term will end on April 5, 2024 after 13 weeks of learning and teaching.

There will have a three-day half term break from February 29 to March 3 in the first term before a three-week holiday at the end of the term starting from April 8-26.

Read on the Revised School Term dates/ calendar for 2024.

Term 2 Calendar 2024

It is expected to run for 14 weeks, starting on April 29 and ending on August 2.In this term, an half term set for June 20-23.

In this term, all the learners will go on holiday for another three weeks starting August 5th to 25th.

Term 3 Calendar 2024

The final term of the year will last for 9 weeks from August 26 to October 25..

This term will be activity filled with candidates sitting the the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) and the Kenya Intermediate Level Education Assessment (KILEA) examinations that will run from October 28th to 31st, 2024.

Thereafter , the start of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams will run from November 4th to 22nd .

The long December holiday is expected to run from October 28 to January 3rd, 2025.

2024 school calendar for Teacher training Colleges .

Term one.

The first term for these institution run from January 8 to April 5, later break for holidays from April 8-26.

Term Two

It is scheduled to open on April 29th and run until August 2nd, 2024.

Their holidays for this term are scheduled for August 5th to 30th .


No./ Serial School Opening Dates school Closing Dates period/Duration
Term 1, 2024 on 8th January 2024 5th April 2024 13 weeks
Halfterm Break on 29th February 2024 3rd March, 2024 3 days
April Holiday on 8th April 2024 26th April 2024 3 weeks
Term 2,2024 on 29th April 2024 2nd August 2024 14 Weeks
Halfterm Break on 20th June 2024 23rd June 2024 3 Days
August Holiday on 5th August 2024 23rd August 2024 3 Weeks
Term 3,2024 on 26th August 2024 25th October 2024 9 Weeks
KPSEA & KILEA on 28th October 2024 31st October 2024 4 Days
KCSE Exams on 4th November 2024 22nd November 2024 3 Weeks
December Holiday on 28th October 2024 3rd January 2024 10 Weeks

The colleges final term will run for 11 weeks from August 26th to November 8,2024.

Thereafter , there will be a long December holidays starting from November 11th to January 3rd, 2025.

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