Why Students Should Pursue Animal Health Courses

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives Chief Administrative Secretary Lawrence Omuhaka has encouraged students from various counties including Machakos County, to enroll in Animal health courses to help fill the country’s shortage of Animal Health officers.

Speaking during the Meat Training Institute (MTI) Graduation Ceremony in Athi River, Machakos County, where only 38 trainees graduated, Omuhaka said that the country needs additional health officers, particularly meat inspectors.

“Counties have reported that they have a scarcity of meat inspectors. I urge parents, County Administrators and the public to enroll their learners in these Institutions for our own safety,” said Omuhaka.

The CAS said that meat inspection is critical in the Nation to guarantee that the population consumes nutritious meat that is free of zoonotic infections, which pose a health risk to both animals and humans.

He noted that Animal health is a highly profitable course to take and graduates have an easier time finding work than other crowded majors in Universities and Colleges.

“The graduates from this College secure jobs almost immediately since they are needed in most of the counties in Kenya,” said the CAS.

Omuhaka pointed out that the Athi River Meat Training Institute is the country’s sole meat Training Institute and it has produced trained meat inspectors who have ensured that the public consume healthy and safe meat.

The CAS added that the government has ensured that the Athi River Meat Training Institute has qualified professionals to equip leaners with necessary skills for efficient performance.

“As a government, we have pumped a lot of money into this institution. We have qualified lecturers who will effectively train the Inspection Officers to acquaint themselves with various diseases and how to point out when the animals are suffering from those diseases,” Omuhaka said.

He further noted that the Government has set aside funds to revamp the Athi River Meat Training Institute in order to offer suitable learning facilities for a large number of trainees including those from other countries.

“We want to revamp this college so that we can increase the number of trainees by increasing the number of lecturers, hostels and other infrastructure, ” added Omuhaka.

Dr Salome Wanyoike, Principal of the Meat Training Institute, echoed Omuhaka and encouraged the trained officers to inspect meat professionally to safeguard human health.

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