Ways to make your cooking gas last longer

Cooking gas is the commonly used source of fuel in most homes. This is because it is much cheaper, compared to electricity. But, you may have realized that your favourite cooking gas does not last longer, like before.

A number of factors may be contributing to the fast draining of your cooking gas. To prevent further losses, go through the researched reasons below and work on the solutions provided.

What makes your gas not to last longer, like it used to.

1. Unauthorized gas suppliers.

There are so many gas suppliers in the market, today. Gone are the days when we used to have one or two reputable gas companies. Gas brokers have taken advantage of this situation and are now refilling your gas cylinders with poor quality (contaminated gas). And, because the gas is impure, so much of it goes to waste.

Secondly, the unauthorized gas re-fillers do not refill the gas cylinders as required. For instance, a 6kg cylinder may be re-filled with a capacity of 5 to 5.5kg! This way, your gas would not last longer.

The only remedy to this is to purchase and re-fill your gas at reputable and certified shops.

  2. Poor quality burners.

The quality of burner that you use will definately contribute to how efficient the cooking gas is used. Some burners and regulators have low ability to control the amount of gas outlet. As such, use burners and regulators of high quality; in as much as they may be a little bit expensive than the ordinary ones.

3. Leaking gas pipes, regulators and burners. 

Always check to ensure that no gas leaks. Gas leakages may not only waste your precious cooking gas gas, but also contribute to lethal accidents. Before you light up your gas, smell and place your ears next to the gas pipes, regulators and burners.

In case you detect a gas leakage, replace the faulty accessory with immediate effect.

4. Colour of gas flame.

A good gas should produce a blue flame always. This flame is otherwise called a non-luminous flame and it produces a strong heat.

If you flame is yellow and sooty then it will waste most of the gas. Consider changing the gas burners with immediate effect to avert further losses.

5. Using hot flames always.

Remember to regulate the amount of gas depending on the nature of meal you are cooking and size of sufuria/ pan. The flame should only cover thye surface of the cooking appliance that you are using.

In case the flame goes out of the cooking appliance surface, consider the reducing the amount of gas out let. This way, you will save substantive amount of cooking gas.

Another way of reducing gas wastage is by using tightly closed cooking appliances. The best appliance here is a pressure cooker.

6. Usage of sooty cooking appliances.

Always ensure that your cooking appliances are clean. Sooty appliances lead to massive gas losses.

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