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TSC releases list of 30 sacked teachers

Beatrice Wababu who is the Head of Corporate Communications at TSC- Kenya.
Beatrice Wababu who is the Head of Corporate Communications at TSC- Kenya.

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has announced the sacking of thirty teachers for gross misconduct. The dismissal of the tutors was announced on Monday October 12, 2020, as schools reopened after a closure of close to seven months. According to the list at our disposal, most of those sacked are male teachers.

While noting that the said teachers are yet to be formally dismissed, Wababu confirmed that there was enough evidence to warrant their dismissal.

“The teachers are in the process of being dismissed, and after the CEO (TSC Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Nancy Macharia)has approved the list, then it will be gazetted; thereby confirming their dismissal,” She explained.

She said the offences committed by the teachers included: immoral behaviour and forging of academic certificates among others; as prescribed in the Teachers Code of Conduct.

In August, TSC released a list of 40 teachers who had been de-registered for committing similar offences.

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The Commission has at the same time announced the registration of 8,500 new teachers. TSC Head of Corporate affairs, Betty Wababu, says the registered teachers are not part of the 11,000 who are being recruited; explaining that registration is different from hiring.

“Registration is different from hiring. The recruitment process is not over yet. Those are just teachers that have been registered with us. The number of teachers being recruited still stand as reported and when the process ends we are not going to to recruit more teachers because we are funded by the National Treasury to do the recruitment,” Wababu said.


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