TSC Promotion Application Form Free PDF Download

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) promotion form is filled by teachers when applying for common cadre promotions. It is used when applying for promotion to the next grade; after serving the mandatory three years from date of first employment.

Basic Details on the TSC Promotion Form.

This promotion form is titled; ‘Performance report on a teacher for assessment on suitability for Promotion/ Appointment to the next grade’. The form contains the following teacher’s basic details:

S/No TSC Bank Form Detail Description
1 Teacher’s Name Your Official Name
2 TSC Number Your TSC Number as Captured on TSC Certificate
3 Current Grade Your current job grade/ group
4 Appointment Date Date when appointed to the current grade/ employment date
5 Institution School Name where you are currently working.
6 Department i.e Humanities, Sciences…
7 Duties of present poition Your duities i.e classroom teacher, class teacher, Internally appointed HOD or HOS…


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How to fill the promotion application form.

The TSC application form for promotion is filled by the Head of Institution (Head teacher or Principal). For a complete guide on how to fill this form click here; How to correctly fill the TSC application for promotion form.

TSC Promotion Form.
TSC Promotion Form.

Download this form here; Free TSC Promotion Application Form in PDF Download.

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