The new TSC Mwalimu Care App for all teachers (Download and use App)

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has launched a new mobile application for all teachers. The new App (Walimucare App) will enable the teachers access Covid-19 health tips, talk to a doctor and get medical advice on all ailments; without necessarily doing a physical visit to the hospital.

In her speech during the release of 2020 KCSE results,TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia said that Walimucare App is a huge milestone towards bringing health cover closer to the teachers.

“WalimuCare app allows teachers to access tele-medicine access anytime and from anywhere, including isolation centres and their homes.” Said Dr. Macharia.

She further assured teachers that the Commission has provided full medical cover for COVID-19-related ailments as well as a medical insurance application through their health insurance provider MINET.

According to Dr. Macharia, the app allows teachers on TSC payroll with their enrolled dependants to access medical attention as well as reaching a doctor with ease.

She said the new Walimucare App has been launched to assist teachers not only in accessing medical attention but also to help teachers access Covid-19 tips,talk to a doctor as well as emergency health complications.

This she said,is part of the Commission’s efforts to improve teachers working conditions better,health being one of them.

Teachers are therefore advised to download the Walimucare app from play store or google store,whichever is applicable in one’s phone.

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How to download and use the Walimucare Mobile App.

  1. Download the walimucare app from play store.
  2. Once downloaded,install the app and accept the permissions requested.
  3. Click on Sign Up and enter your TSC number on the box indicated::Member Number and Phone number on the next box.
  4. Once sent,the app will send an SMS with OTP code. Enter the code in the next box and send.
  5. Enter your chosen password of 4 digits and confirm in the box.
  6. Once done,your account shall have been created::: You will now be able to view your Policy Limits, Track Utilization, Hospital access telemedicine,order chronic drugs, Visits and much more.

A teacher will also be able to see all the dependants as nominated. You can from then access the services so needed.

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List of services available on the TSC Minet ‘Walimu Care App’.

You can get the following services through the TSC Minet ‘Walimu Care App’.

S/No Minet App Service
1 See list of unregistered teachers on Minet
2 Add a Dependant (s)
3 Change Dependant (s) details
4 Replace Dependant (s)
5 Remove Dependant (s)
6 Find your hospital
7 Order for medication
8 Get approval for medical services
9 Track hospital visits
10 Give feedback on medical services
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