Teachers’ Transfers: What TSC Boss Dr. Nancy Macharia, CS Magoha and IG told MPs- Full Report

The Committee on Education chaired by Tinderet MP Hon Melly on Wednesday February 26, 2020, held a meeting with the Ministry of Education, TSC, and office of the Inspector General of Police, following an order by the speaker of the National Assembly last week. The meeting was held to address the recent massive transfers of teachers working in the North Easter Region following attacks by Militia Group, the Alshabaab. Here is an account of what happened during the meeting courtesy of http://educationnewshub.co.ke and the National Assembly press.


The Teacher’s Service Commission was first to respond to the Questions raised by the Wajir West MP Hon Ahmed Kolosh, who last week; on the floor of the house, sought explanations why TSC has been transferring Teachers from the Region.

Below were the responses from the TSC Boss Dr. Nancy Macharia;

Dr. Nancy Macharia; TSC Boss
Dr. Nancy Macharia; TSC Boss
  • “Even as we are accused of removing teachers from N.Eastern, we did our best to ensure that they worked there, and even interdicted (and later rehired) some who were not in line with their employment terms.”
  • “Between 2018 and 2020, there have been sporadic attacks on Non-local teachers by some Locals in these regions, causing the instability of their stay there.”
  • “I want to let you know that it’s only in the North Eastern region that the Recruitment of Teachers is open round the Year. And we have even reviewed some of our laws to accommodate the volatile situation.”
  • “We have no issues whatsoever with sending teachers to any part of this country, but their security and Wellbeing is a priority to us.”
  • “The Commission has taken various initiatives to help solve the stalemate, including engagement of Government Institutions, Political and Local leaders. Some of whom have dismissed the security concerns raised by the teachers.”
  • ‘Since the beginning of attacks on teachers in N.E.R, the KNUT and KUPPET have piled pressure on us to transfer teachers from these regions,and even sponsored the teachers to file court cases against the Employer.”
  • “We have been portrayed as a heartless employer which has no regard for the wellbeing of our teachers in these regions, while in reality we have done our best to ensure their safety.”
  • “We are asking the Leaders of North Eastern region to help us in encouraging their locals who are trained teachers, to apply for teaching jobs in that region. And to encourage more of their people to train as teachers so they don’t need to demand for non-local teachers.”
  • “The continuous condemnation by local leaders on the transfer of teachers during attacks in the region have continued to cause panic among teachers left behind, who in turn, seek transfers too, in fear of their safety.”
  • “We have to emphasize here, that safety concerns of our teachers are of paramount importance to us as an employer, contrary to the misconception that we don’t care about their wellbeing once deployed to their stations of duty.”
  • “Teaching, like any other profession in this country, is a serious profession and if our teachers are to be marketable beyond our borders, we cannot lower our standards of qualification to be trained as a teacher.”
  • “I’m worried when its implied that we aren’t taking any affirmative action, we have done the best that we can to employ more teachers on Permanent and Pensionable basis almost immediately after graduation.”


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Here is what the Inspector General of Police, Hillary Mutyambai, had to say;

Inspector General of Police, Hillary Mutyambai,
Inspector General of Police, Hillary Mutyambai,
  • “We still have a big number of police officers in training, whom we hope to deploy to this region in the next two months. Despite the fact that we have also lost a very large number of police officers in the area, during our intervention.”
  • “This is a very comprehensive and complex situation that needs a partnership between the local leaders and security personnel to handle. The leaders must talk to their people.”
  • “As unfortunately implied by Hon Kolosh, to us, if a death occurs on the ground, it’s not a matter of a local police officer vs a non-local officer, it is our officer who is accorded the same treatment regardless of their origin.”
  • “Any insecurity cases facing teachers were, and have always been, communicated in real time. We have always advised accordingly.”
  • “The National Police Service only comes in to respond because the TSC has given Insecurity as one of the reasons why they’re transferring teachers from the North Eastern region.”
  • “The question on why teachers were running to the bush and not to the police stations, is a matter we cannot generalize. The police officers deployed to the region have given their best service to the people and should be acknowledged so.”

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On his part Prof. George Magoha, Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Education, told the Legislators the following;

Prof. George Magoha, Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Education
Prof. George Magoha, Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Education
  • “The Leadership of the Northern region should identify students fit to be trained as teachers, so they can be trained a soon as possible.”
  • “I am aware that there are 24,058 students in the North Eastern region who scored grade C plain and above. I dont see why we cannot train them to be teachers, to teach in their own locality.”
  • “Everything the MP who raised this question said is correct, except the omission of the fact that people died there, Kenyans died in the North Eastern region.”

While signing off Chair, Melly said; “We have heard the submissions of the Commission, the Ministry, and the I.G. We shall retreat to write our report on this matter as a Committee, bearing in mind all the issues presented before us today. In all, the Kenyan child is the priority in this matter.”

Julius Kibiwott Melly is the member of the National Assembly of Kenya for Tinderet
Julius Kibiwott Melly is the member of the National Assembly of Kenya for Tinderet


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