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Teacher who earned Millions from TSC by using fake papers arrested, taken to court

A primary school teacher from Gucha, has been arraigned in the Kisii law courts over false documentation, personification and fraudulently acquiring property.

In a case presented to the Kisii law courts by the Anticorruption Commission (EACC), Isaiah Okombo Otieno Alias Daudi Ochoi Alias Duncan Ochoi Magero was accused of 7 counts including forgery of certificates as P1 teacher that he had presented to Teachers service commission (TSC) in 2007.

The accused who received salaries and commissions from February 2007 to May 2019 from TSC by personification and false documentation was arrested by EACC detectives at Nyakeyo market, Etago South Mugirango and appeared in court on Thursday before magistrate Wa
Kungwa Wahinya.

Okombo Otieno through personification secured a job with TSC contrary to section 384 of Penal code and providing false information of a person employed in the public service contrary to section 129 of penal code.

The court heard that between February 2 and 26, 2007 Okombo presented personified KCPE documents to TSC with serial number 1008541, which were lawfully issued to Ochoi Daudi Magero by KNEC.

The Accused pleaded not guilty to the 7 counts, but he accepted to have been receiving salaries and commissions from TSC amounting to Sh3.3 million from 2007-2019 therefore released on a Bond of Sh 700,000 and cash bail of Sh 200,000.

The case will be mentioned on April 25, 2023.


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