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Sori Boys High School KCSE 2020 results analysis, grade count and ranking

Anestar Boys High School emerged top in the 2019 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, KCSE, examination in NAKURU County. The school had a mean score of 9.7 to take position 11 nationally. The second and third positions were scooped by Nakuru Girls High and Nakuru Boys High school; respectively. Here is a list of the KCSE 2019 best 10 schools in Nakuru County: Pos in County School KCSE 2019 Mean County Pos Nationally 1 Anestar Boys High 9.7 Nakuru 11 2 Nakuru Girls High 9.52 Nakuru 16 3 Nakuru Boys High 8.81 Nakuru 33 4 Moi Forces Lanet 8.4 Nakuru 53 5 Elburgon Secondary 8.33 Nakuru 62 6 Naivasha Girls 782 Nakuru 89 7 Mary Mount Secondary 7.74 Nakuru 102 8 Molo Academy 7.02 Nakuru 168 FOR A COMPLETE GUIDE TO ALL SCHOOLS IN KENYA (KCSE, KCPE PERFORMANCE, LOCATION, CONTACTS, FEES, ADMISSIONS & MORE) CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW; • SCHOOLS' NEWS PORTAL Here are links to the most important news portals: • KUCCPS News Portal • TSC News Portal • Universities and Colleges News Portal • Helb News Portal • KNEC News Portal • KSSSA News Portal • Schools News Portal • Free Teaching Resources and Revision Materials
Anester High School KCSE results, location, contacts, admissions, Fees and more.

Sori Boys High School KCSE 2020/2021 RESULTS ANALYSIS (SCHOOL MEAN, INDIVIDUAL CANDIDATES’ RESULTS AND MEAN GRADE SUMMARY)- Sori Boys High school has been posting impressive performances in KCSE over the years and 2020 is no exception. In the 2020 KCSE examinations the school posted a mean score of 7.050 which is a C+ (plus).


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The school registered a total of 136 candidates in the KCSE 2020 exam. In the just released KCSE 2020 results, the school posted an impressive mean score of 7.050 which is a C+ (plus) . The good news is that 84 candidates managed to score above C+ (plus), which is the minimum university entry grade. This translates to a percentage of 61.76% securing direct entry to university under the placement body, KUCCPS.

Download KCSE 2020/2021 results for this school here; Official Knec KCSE Results Portal

Here is a complete distribution of grades for the school in KCSE 2020 results;

Grade Entry
A 0
A- 3
B+ 18
B 24
B- 24
C+ 29
C 27
C- 14
D+ 6
D 4 and D- was 1

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