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Some schools planning to hire university students to impersonate as KCSE 2021 candidates- Magoha

The latest Education News Education Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha has reminded examinations centre managers to uphold precautions against malpractises throughout the examination period.

Prof Magoha warned the officials manning the exams against lowering their guard in monitoring the conduct of the exams at the tail end of the KCPE tests that winds up today.

Speaking during the opening of the container in Busia County for the final day of KCPE, Magoha confirmed that all protocols had been observed in the County.

He challenged the centre managers to ensure they are at examination containers for collection of exams materials to inspect all examinational materials to they are well secured to avoid unnecessary blame games

“I want to thank the centre manager in part of Nyanza where children were denied registration; those children took their exams and their rights will be observed as the exam is marked even as the crooked managers of the private schools are brought to book,” Magoha said.

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The CS warned centre managers for KCSE planning to engage in underhand deals to stop confusing candidates by hiring university students to sit for the exams. He confirmed that all agencies are on the lookout for such cases in the country.

“Let me warn again, for the last time, as we go to KCSE examination, we are following up quite a number of cheeky centre managers together with their collaborators, that the integrity of examination shall be protected at all costs,” Magoha added.

He confirmed that marking centres in Nairobi have already began operations by use of the machine for the papers done in the past two days.  Magoha added they will put in consideration that children were out of school for long as the marking exercise commences.


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