Sigalagala national polytechnic, intakes, fees, contacts, courses and requirements

Sigalagala National Polytechnic (SNP) is a publicly-managed national polytechnic that was founded in 1950 as a Technical and Vocational Training Institute. It is located along the Kisumu- Kakamega road in Kakamega county, Kenya.

The Sigalagala National Polytechnic is mandated to offer courses at certificate, diploma and higher diploma levels.  The institution produces middle-level human resource that is well-equipped with technical and business skills required in the industry. It produces technicians and technologists who are expected to play a major role towards the attainment of the Kenya Vision 2030.

Current list of courses offered at Sigalagala National Polytechnic 

EAC 200Agripreneurship Level 6C- (Minus)/Cert. Lev. 57 TermsJan/May/SeptCDACC
EAC 100Agripreneurship Level 5D (Plain) /Cert. Level 45 TermsJan/May/SeptCDACC
EAG 200Dip. Entrepreneurial Agriculture Mod I,II , IIIC- Minus7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
GAG 200Diploma in General Agriculture Mod I,II ,IIIC- Minus7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
GAG 100Certificate in General AgricultureD Plain5 TermsJan/May/SeptKNEC
MED 200Medical Engineering Level 6C Plain7 TermsJan/May/SeptCDACC
MED 100Medical Engineering Level 5D + Plus5 TermsMay/SeptCDACC
CEC 200Chemical Engineering Level 6C- (minus); Chem D+(Plus)6 TermsJan/May/SeptCDACC
BME200BioMedical Engineering Level 6C plain, C in Eng ,Kis,Maths, Sciences7 TermsMay/SeptCDACC
BME100BioMedical Engineering Level 5D + Plus5 TermsMay/SeptCDACC
ABG 300Higher Diploma in Applied BiologyDip . Applied Bio.7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
HAC 300Higher Diploma in Analytical ChemistryDipl. in Analytical Chemistry7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
DPH 200Diploma in PharmacyC Plain; C in Maths, Phy Chem,Bio7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
MLS 200Diploma in Medical Lab.TechnologyC Plain; C Math,Phy.,Chem,Bio7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
ABG 200Diploma Applied Biology Mod I,II & IIIC- Minus7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
ACH 200Diploma Analytical Chemistry Mod I,II & IIIC- ; D+(Plus) in chemistry7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
EST 200Dip. in Environmental Sciences Mod I,II & IIIC- Minus7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
DHR 200Dip. in Health Records and information Tech.C Plain C in Engl/Kis C- in Math9 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
DME 200Diploma in Medical Engineering Mod. I,II, &IIIC plain, C in Eng ,Kis,Maths, Sciences7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
DND 200Diploma in Nutrition and DieteticsC-(minus) c- in Egn/Kisw, Maths,  & Sciences7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
CME 100Certificate in Medical Engineering Mod. I & IID + Plus5 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
DHR 100Cert. in Health Records and information Tech.D+, with D+ in Eng or Kiswahili7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
SLT 100Cert. in Science Laboratory Technology I & IID Plain5 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
SLT 100Certificate in Medical EngineeringC-, with C- In Eng. or Kiswahili5 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
CHR 100Cert. in Health Records and Information Tech.D+, with D+ in Eng. Kisw, D in Sciences5 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
SLT 100Certificate in Nutrition and DieteticsKCSE Mean Grade D(Plain),D Plain in Maths, Languages & Sciences5 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
BT200Building Technician Level 6C- (Minus)/Cert. Lev. 56 TermsJan/SeptCDACC
PLM110Plumbing Level 4D Minus2 TermsJan/SeptCDACC
MAS 110Masonry Level 4D Minus2 TermsJan/SeptCDACC
BCT 200Dip. in Building Construction Mod I,II & IIIC- Minus7 TermsJan/SeptKNEC
DA 200Diploma in Architecture Mod. I, II,& IIIC- Minus3 TermsJan/SeptKNEC
BCE 200Diploma in Civil Engineering Mod I,II & IIIC- Minus7 TermsJan/SeptKNEC
QSV 200Diploma in Quantity SurveyC- Minus9 TermsJan/SeptKNEC
LSV 200Diploma in Land SurveyC- Minus9 TermsJan/SeptKNEC
WTS 200Diploma in Water Engineering Mod I,II & IIIC Plain( C Eng,Mat,Phy)7 TermsJan/SeptKNEC
LSV 100Certificate in Land SurveyD Plain7 TermsJan/May/ SeptKNEC
BTC 100Certificate in Building Technology Mod I & IID Plain5 TermsJan/SeptKNEC
WTS 100Certificate in Water Engineering Mod I & IID + plus5 TermsJan/SeptKNEC
CPLM 100Certificate in PlumbingD (plain)7 TermsJan/SeptKNEC
HR 200Human Resource Management Level 6C- (Minus)/Cert. Lev.56 TermsJan/May/SeptCDACC
HR 100Human Resource Management Level 5D Plain3 TermsJan/May/SeptCDACC
HRM 300Higher Dip. in Human Resource Management.Relevant KNEC Dip.6 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
HRM 200Dip. Human Resource Mgnt. Mod I,II & IIIC- Minus7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
SWD 200Dip. Com. Dev. and Social Work Mod I, II , IIIC- Minus7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
BMG 200Dip. in Business Management Mod I ,II & IIIC- Minus7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
ACT 200Diploma in Accountancy (BTEP)C- Minus7 TermsJan/May/SeptKNEC
SCM 200Dip. Supplies Chain Mgnt. Mod I, II & IIIC- Minus7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
DPM 200Diploma Project Management Mod. I, II & IIIC- Minus7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
DRTM200Diploma in Road Transport & MNGT Mod I ,II & IIIC- Minus7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
DCCP200Diploma in Child Care and Protection Module IC- Minus3 termsMay/SeptKNEC
SWD 100Cert. in Community Development Social WorkD Plain5 TermsJan/May/SeptKNEC
CDSW100Cert. in Community Dev. Social Work Mod I&, IID Plain5 TermsJan/May/SeptKNEC
HRM 100Cert. in Human Resource Management Mod I & IID Plain5 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
BMG 100Cert. in Business Management. Mod I &IID Plain5 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
SCM 100Cert. in Supplies Chain Management. Mod I &IID Plain5 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
CPM 100Cert. Project Management Mod. I &IID Plain5 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
AST 010Artisan in Store Keeping(TOWN CAMPUS)D—Minus4 termsJan/MayKNEC
CPM 100Certified Human Resource ProfessionalC+ or Diploma in HRM9 TermsMay/SeptHRME
CCNP 100Certificate in Child Care and Protection Module I & IID Plain5 termsMay/SeptKNEC
CRTM 100Cert.  in Road Transport & Management Mod I & IID Plain5 termsMay/SeptKNEC
OFA 200Office Administration Level 6C- Minus6 TermsJan/May/SeptCDACC
OFA 100Office Administration Level 5D Plain3 TermsJan/May/SeptCDACC
EPD 300HND Entrepreneurship DevelopmentRelevant KNEC Dip.6 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
SCS 300HND Secretarial ManagementDiploma Secretarial6 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
SAM 200Diploma in Sales and Marketing Mod I, II & IIIC- (Minus)7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
EPD 200Diploma Entrepreneurship Dev. Mod I, II & IIIC- (Minus)7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
CPM 200Diploma Cooperative Mgnt. Mod I, II & IIIC- (Minus)7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
SCS 200Diploma Secretarial Mod I, II & IIIC- ( Minus)7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
BAF 200Diploma Banking and Finance (BTEP)C- (Minus)9 TermsJan/May/SeptKNEC
CMT 200Diploma in Credit Management Mod I, I & IIIC-(Minus)1 Sem/ModJan/May/SeptKASNEB
CSC 100Certificate in Secretarial Mod I & IID Plain5 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
CPM 100Certificate in Co-operative Management (BTEP)D Plain5 TermsJan/May/SeptKNEC
SAM 100Certificate in Sales and Marketing Mod I & IID Plain5 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
BAF 100Certificate in Banking Finance (BTEP)D Plain5 TermsJan/May/SeptKNEC
CCO 100Certificate in Clerical Operations Mod. 1& IID Plain5 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
CPA 200Certified Public Accountant. I (CPA I)C+ (C+ in Math & Eng)1 Sem/ModJan/May/SeptKASNEB
CCP 200CCP (Certified Credit Professional)C+ (C+ in Math & Eng.)1 Sem/ModJan/May/SeptKASNEB
CPS 200CPS (Certified Public Secretary )C+ (C+ in Math & Eng.)1 Sem/ModJan/May/SeptKASNEB
IFA 200CIFA Certified Investment Financial Analyst)C+ (C+ in Math & Eng.)1 Sem/ModJan/May/SeptKASNEB
ATD 200Accounting Technician Diploma (ATD) Part I,II , IIIC-(Minus)1 Sem/ModJan/May/SeptKASNEB
EEC200Electrical Engineering (Power option) level 6C- (Minus)/Cert. Lev. 56 TermsJan/SeptCDACC
EIC100Electrical Installation level 5D (Plain) /Cert. in Lev.43 TermsJan/SeptCDACC
IC 200Instrumentation and Control Level 6C- (Minus)/Cert. Lev. 56 TermsJan/SeptCDACC
EEP 300Higher Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Eng.Relevant KNEC Dip.6 TermsJan/May/SeptKNEC
EEP 200Dip. Electrical & Electronics Eng. Technology (Power)C -(Minus)7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
EEP 100Cert. in Electrical & Electronics Eng (Power)D+ Plus/Pass in Mod. I5 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
SPV010Solar PV Level 3Cert. in Electrical1 TermJan/May/SeptCDACC
SPV 110Solar PV level 4Cert. in Electrical3 TermsJan/May/SeptCDACC
SPV 200Solar PV level 5D (Plain) /Cert. in Lev.43 TermsJan/May/SeptVDACC
SPVSolar PV T1,T2, T3(Accredited with NITA)Electrical background2 WeeksJan/May/SeptTSNP
ITC 200Information Communication Technology Level 6C- (Minus)/Cert. Level 56 TermsJan/May/SeptCDACC
ITC 100Information Communication Technology Level 5D (Plain) /Cert. in Lev.43 TermsJan/May/SeptCDACC
ICT 200Diploma ICT Mod I ,II & IIIC- (Minus)7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
ICT 100Cert. Information Technology Mod. I & IID+ Plus5 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
DIT200Diploma in Information TechnologyC -(Minus)1 Sem/ModJan/May/SeptKASNEB
CPComputer PackagesKCPE@ 20 HrsEvery MondaysSNP
BTC 200Baking Technology Level 6C – (Minus)/Cert. Lev.56 TermsJan/May/SeptCDACC
BTC 100Baking Technology Level 5D (Plain) /Cert. in Lev. 43 TermsJan/May/SeptCDACC
BTC 110Baking Technology Level 4D- Minus2 TermsJan/May/SeptCDACC
CAM 200Dip. in Catering & Accommodation Mod. I, II & IIIC- (Minus)7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
BTF 200Diploma in Baking Technology Mod I, II & IIIC- (Minus)7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
BTF 100Certificate Baking Technology Mod. I & IID + Plus6 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
CAM 100Cert. in Catering & Accommodation Mod. I & IID Plain5 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
FDM 200Fashion Design Management Level 6C- (Minus)/Cert. in Lev. 56 TermsJan/May/SeptCDACC
FDT 100Fashion design Technology Level 5D (Plain) /Cert. in Lev. 43 TermsJan/May/SeptCDACC
FDT 110Fashion design Technology Level 4D – Minus2 TermsJan/May/SeptCDACC
DFD 200Dip. in fashion design & Cloth. Tech. Mod I, II ,IIIC- Minus7 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
CFD 110Cert. in Fashion Design & Clothing Tech. Mod I. IID Plain5 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
AFD 010Artisan in Fashion Design & Clothing Tech.D- Minus6 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
HDC210Hair dressing Level 6C -(Minus)/Cert. in Lev. 56 TermsJan/SeptCDACC
HDC120Hair dressing Level 5D Plain /Cert. in Lev. 43 TermsJan/SeptCDACC
HDC110Hair dressing Level 4D – Minus/Cert. in Lev. 32 TermsJan/SeptCDACC
BTC210Beauty Therapy Level 6C -(Minus)/ Cert. in Lev. 56 TermsJan/SeptCDACC
BTC120Beauty Therapy Level 5D (Plain) /Cert. in Level 43 TermsJan/SeptCDACC
BTC110Beauty Therapy Level 4D – Minus / Cert. in Lev. 32 TermsJan/SeptCDACC
AEC 200Automotive Engineering Level 6C- (Minus)/Cert. in Lev. 56 TermsJan/SeptCDACC
ATM 100Automotive Mechanical Technician Level 5D (Plain) /Cert. in Level 43 TermsJan/SeptCDACC
MEP 200Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Mod I ,II &IIIC- Minus7 TermsJan/SeptKNEC
AET 200Diploma in Automotive Engineering Mod I,II ,IIIC- Minus7 TermsJan/SeptKNEC
FWD 200Diploma in Welding & Fabrication Mod I, II & IIC- Minus7 TermsJan/SeptKNEC
AET 100Certificate in Automotive Engineering Mod I & IID Plain5 TermsJan/SeptKNEC
MEP 100Certificate in Mechanical Engineering Mod I , &IID Plain5 TermsJan/SeptKNEC
FWD 100Certificate in Welding & Fabrication Mod I & IID plain5 TermsJan/SeptKNEC
DRV 010DrivingAbove 18 years1 monthContinuousNTSA
RAM 200Records and Archives Management Level 6C – (Minus)/Cert. in Lev. 56 TermsJan/May/SeptCDACC
RAM100Records and Archives Management Level 5D (Plain) /Cert. in Level 43 TermsJan/May/SeptCDACC
IST 300HND in Information ManagementRelevant KNEC Diploma6 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
IST 200Diploma in Information StudiesC – (Minus )6 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
IST 100Certificate in Information Studies Mod I & IID plain5 TermsMay/SeptKNEC
JMM 200Diploma in Journalism & Mass MediaC – Minus3 TermsJan/May/SeptICM/KNEC
JMM 100Certificate in Journalism & Mass MediaD plain3 TermsJan/May/SeptICM

Applications for New Students

After going through the list of courses above and marking those you can qualify for, you can then proceed to apply online.

Those applying for Diploma courses please note that the minimum entry qualification is a KCSE Mean grade of C-(Minus) while those applying for Craft Certificate the Minimum entry qualification is a KCSE Mean grade of D Plain. Those who wish to apply for Artisan Courses the minimum qualification is KCPE/KCSE Mean grade of D-(Minus). 

An application fee of KES. 500 is charged and is to be paid to The Sigalagala Polytechnic through MPESA Paybill.

After successful submission and subsequent processing, your Admission Letter will be emailed to you (ensure you have a valid email address).

Read the forms carefully before filling your details and ensure you bring all the filled forms with you on the day of admission.

NOTE: Do not make double registration/application. Else your application will be rejected.

Online course application form

You can apply for admission to Sigalagala through the official online application link, below.

Click here to apply now!

Physical applications.

You can, at the same time, fill the hard copy application form. Find the form here; Application Form

Download and fill the application form and attach the following documents:

i) KCPE and KCSE result slip
ii) Birth Certificate
iii) National ID card
iv) 2 passport size coloured photos
v) Deposit slip of ksh.500/= Application fee( non-refundable)

Send the form and documents to;

P.O BOX 2966-50100, KAKAMEGA.

Contacts for Sigalagala National Polytechnic

  • MOBILE: 0793600519
  • Email: [email protected] Website:
  • Polytechnic Bank Accounts No : Barclays Bank: – 8043551, Equity Bank:- 0500277394606
  • MPESA PAYBILL No: 908008
  • Town Campus Bank Account: Cooperative Bank : 01120098473700
  • Maturu Campus Bank Account: Cooperative Bank : 01139098473700

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