Shock for teachers as AON Minet places them in lower job groups

AON Minet which provides medical cover to teachers has been blamed for placing teachers in lower job groups. Teachers who logged onto their accounts discovered that they had been placed in lower grades meaning they will enjoy limited services and cover. This is because the cost of the medical cover provided to teachers is dependent on the respective teachers’ job group.

“Login into Aon minet self care portal using the link above and check the job group you are listed into and gender. This is because a majority of us are listed in job group K and yet you are in Job group L or above, thus depriving you a significant amount of cash e.g the inpatient cover for K is 450,000 while in L its 600,000,’ complained one teacher.

Remember to update details of your dependants.

The medical scheme allows for change of dependents at the beginning of a policy year. If you wish to do this you have until 6th December, 2019. These changes will officially take effect in the month of December. Kindly log in to, click on change of dependent, fill in the changes as required and attach supporting documentation as listed on the form.

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