Schools reap big as Coca Cola announces winners of the Copa Coca-cola Recycling Competition

The Coca-cola has announced winners for the 2019 Copa Coca-cola Recycling Competition. The Campaign which was organized by Coca-Cola Central, East & West Africa Limited, Nairobi Bottlers Limited, Almasi Beverages Limited and Coastal Bottlers Limited, Kenya PET Recycling Company Limited, WPP ScanGroup and EXP Momentum (Kenya) Limited saw schools collect any beverage plastic bottle by any manufacturer and of any brand disposed of in Kenya.

The Participating Schools would then deliver the collected Beverage Plastic Bottles to the designated collection agents.


In Kenya, at least 92,057.50 kilogrammes were collected in the entire championship period with five schools achieving the highest numbers and winning the pitch refurbishment in their respective institutions. These are Mutuini High from Nairobi, St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School from the Coast, Mwiruti Mixed Secondary from the Rift and Mountain region, Bishop Okul Girls from the Nyanza region and finally Nyang’ori High School from the Western region.

Winners of Soccer Balls and Jerseys:

The table below shows winners of soccer balls and jerseys, per region:

SchoolRegionCollected Plastic weight
Maasi BoysEastern710 kgs
Kivumbini SecondaryEastern461 Kgs
Machakos HighEastern306 Kgs
Ikatini SecondaryEastern133 Kgs
Masii Central SecondaryEastern98 Kgs
Muthale GirlsEastern62 Kgs
Makueni GirlsEastern58 Kgs
Boystown SecondaryNorth Eastern
Ong’icha MixedNyanza2,889 Kgs
Rapogi Boys HighNyanza1,135 Kgs
St. Patrick MosochoNyanza985 Kgs
Lela MixedNyanza303 Kgs
Ndiru MixedNyanza263 Kgs
Rapechi MixedNyanza218 Kgs
The goodies that the winning schools will receive from Coca Cola.
The goodies that the winning schools will receive from Coca Cola.

Here are links to the most important news portals:

The Campaign will ran forĀ 12 weeks from 18thMay 2019 to 3rd August 2019.


Here are links to the most important news portals:

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