One Million jobs to be created for Kenyans from the Jitume Labs Program

The Ministry of Information, Communications and The Digital Economy Cabinet Secretary, Eliud Owalo has called on the youth to utilize government investment likeJitume Labsat the TVET institutions to acquire skills on digital economy to enable them access credible digital jobs.

Speaking during the launch ofJitumeCentre at The Eldoret National Polytechnic (TENP), CS Owalo said the government throughJitumeprogram, is looking forward to train Youth on ICT skills using existing TVET institutions, to create a critical mass of skilled labour to support and benefit from the digital economy.

“TheJitumeLab project seeks to address issues of connectivity, device access and digital skills, as well as job opportunities targeted for the Youth countrywide,” he said.

Owalo pointed out that theJitumecentre will have two main programs; theJitumeClass training component that aims at providing enhanced training on skills for the digital economy. This program will feature a physical and virtual program delivery component supported by partners.

The other program isJitumeKazi, which is a work hub that provides a conducive environment for access of Digitally-enabled jobs, sourced locally and internationally through identified partners, in a bid to address the high unemployment rate in the country.

“My message to our youth today is this, the digital economy train has left the station, be part of our aspiration. The opportunities in Digital world are immense. I encourage you, take initiative – Jitume – Class, Jitume – Kazi, take advantage of this programme and be a part of the over one million youth, who will benefit in the next 3 to 5 years,” added Owalo.

He noted that the Jitume project seeks to equip the youth with digital skills to support The Kenya National Digital Master Plan (2022-2032), which envisages the skilling with ICT skills of over one million youth to enter the job market annually.

Additionally, the training of the many youths who are unable to access training facilities on ICT and other vocational areas will support the rapid adoption of ICT in business.

The CS affirmed that theJitumelabs have been opened at TVET institutions so that they can benefit from the already existing governance system and also attract the many youth, as well as the human resource.

The Labs, he added have been integrated into TVETs, Constituency Innovation Hubs and other existing institutions.

He indicated that eachJitumeCenter will have up to 100 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with broadband connectivity, reliable power, and a security and program coordinator provided by Konza Technopolis, which is the lead partner in the program.

At the same time, Owalo stated that the Government had identified flagship projects to enable a digital future which include the training of citizens to improve the digital literacy throughJitumeLabs, the development of 100,000 kms of fibre optic infrastructure to connect learning institutions, government institutions, heath facilities, setting up of 25,000 hotspots to be deployed countrywide, establishing of 1,450 innovation hubs countrywide and the accelerated automation and digitization of all core government services.

The program had been facilitated through collaboration between the Ministry of Information, Communications and Digital Economy and those of Education, Foreign & Diaspora Affairs and Labour.

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