List of Shortlisted candidates for 2019 TSC Teacher Internship vacancies; Makueni County, Nzaui

List of Shortlisted candidates for 2019 TSC Teacher Internship vacancies; Kisii County, Kisii Central

Important update for teachers who applied for the TSC Internship vacancies in Kisii County. The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has released the lists of shortlisted candidates for the advertized 10,300 teacher internship posts for Primary and Secondary Schools. According to the Commission, the lists of shortlisted applicants has been dispatched to all counties. “Applicants are advised that interviews shall be conducted at the county TSC offices. A list of applicants have been sent to each county,” reads a memo dated November 7, 2019 from Catherine Lenairoshi; of TSC Corporate Communications Office. According to instructions on the memo, the shortlisted Candidates are required to carry the following to the interviews; whose dates will be announced in due course:
  • i. A valid certificate of Good conduct
  • ii. A valid personal accident cover
  • iii. National ID card
  • iv. Disability card if any
  • v. Two passport size photographs
  • vi. KCSE certificate
  • vii. KCPE certificate
  • viii. Diploma / degree certificate and Transcripts
  • ix. Primary/secondary or college leaving certificate
  • x. Kra pin
  • xi. Bank plate

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Here is the list of Shortlisted Candidates in Kisii Central Subcounty; the list contains the school name, Subject to be filled and number of applicants to be interviewed;
TSC NONameHome-CountyMobileGenGradPTCScore%Qualification
578048LILIAN NYAMUSI TOM45: KISII0714816490F20093078Cert
676998Damaris Machabe Nyatichi45: KISII0716558937F20093977Cert
581281Lilian Kerubo Juma45: KISII0727418568F20112577Cert
644925JULIA MOKEIRA ONDIEKI45: KISII0714829194F20112177Cert
572837EDWIN ONDIEKI ACHUTI45: KISII0729271020M20112277Cert
704240JACINTA ONCHARI ONTOBORE45: KISII0728365357F20122677Cert
718069Joseph Oguta Maiko45: KISII0713114720M20122573Cert
671127DAVIES NYANKABARIA NYANG’AU45: KISII0713848140M20122073Cert
571613BENJAMIN AUKA NYASIMI45: KISII0725512779M20112872Cert
631123nancy kwamboka onsongo45: KISII0728358403M20132472Cert
609307MARCELLA KEMUNTO NYAGETUBA45: KISII0729878485F20113072Cert
672997CANIDAH KEGOMA Momanyi45: KISII0702096991F20103972Cert
723769James Nyangoya Guto45: KISII0721872359M20113272Cert
731294Rispher Moraa Onkwani45: KISII0726043604F20122972Cert
570025MERCYLINE  MWABORA45: KISII0711725301F20112772Cert
673030LEONIDAH KEMUNTO MIRERA45: KISII0707427059F20132268Cert
655492SERAH  OTIENO45: KISII0714807762F20113168Cert
664382Dennis Bosire Onchiri45: KISII0726066509M20132668Cert
678785Sophy Nyomenda Ogero45: KISII0713324121F20113068Cert
660134Lisper Kwamboka Machuki45: KISII0704695308F20122768Cert
584289SIPLINE BWARI OTAO45: KISII0713119547F20123268Cert
763774JANET Moraa SAMBORA45: KISII0726583004F20142368Cert
670203GEOFFREY OBUYA NYABUTO45: KISII0701342252M20132068Cert
752757BENARD OCHAKO OYUNGE45: KISII0746663282M20113268Cert
663011MATHEW ONKOMBA MOSE45: KISII0717004205M20133467Cert
774139Evans Mboga Nyakundi45: KISII0732751099M20142664Cert
808800CHARLES NYAKANG’O ONSOMU45: KISII0707519210M20142863Cert
674865wilter Bochere Ratemo45: KISII0705106926F20152563Cert
742652CALEB AMING’A ANGWENYI45: KISII0727807974M20132863Cert
731619Milkah Moraa Ntabo45: KISII0705431334F20133359
708100Emilly Okwoyo moraa45: KISII0712348175F20163358Cert
762032EVERLYNE KWAMBOKA NYAKUNG’U45: KISII0715143909F20153158Cert
765132PHARES NYANGOYA MARK45: KISII0723783753M20172354Dipl
741481Chrisine Buyaki AMENYA45: KISII0715361228F20153054Cert
836273NYABOKE LUCY NYAMASEGE45: KISII0796488559F20162954Cert
814776ERIC MAKORI OBAGA45: KISII0716081480M20163154Cert
799974ORITO  ABUGA45: KISII0742151077M20154453Cert
759510AMOS OMOSA OBIERO45: KISII0798835972M20154049Cert
739080yvonne ogoti moraa45: KISII0729371393F20164149Cert
783606JARED MAREKERWA OMOBE45: KISII0703557874M20164849Cert
761384BETH KARARIA MOMANYI45: KISII0729693318M20172849Cert
830314ESTHER MORAA OKEMWA45: KISII0740833850F20164249Cert
797585ASKA NGOGE MONGINA45: KISII0783245841F20154349Cert
552511KENYANSA MAUTI LINNET45: KISII0724844091F2010.43Cert
831956EUCABETH KEMUNTO NYABOGA45: KISII0703667035F2017.23Cert
802374WYCLIFFE OGAKE OMBONGI45: KISII0708429961M2017.23Cert
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