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List of delocalized, transferred teachers per County in December, 2019- Kisii

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The Teachers Service Commission, TSC-

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has effected the December 2019 delocalization exercise for school heads. In Kisii County, a total of fifty (50) teachers have been moved to neighbouring counties. The handing/ taking over exercise for the administrators is expected to be completed before schools open for first tern on January 6, 2020.

Those moved are heads and principals and their deputies serving in their home counties and those who have served in the same station for a long period. Also on the move are new administrators who were appointed after the just concluded interviews .

Teachers with medical conditions have been spared from the ongoing delocalization exercise. Also spared are teachers aged above 56 years and those set to retire.

The Commission kicked off the delocalization exercise in January, 2018. Other massive deployments would then follow in April, August and December of the same year. Though in April, 2019 the Commission slowed down the transfers as only a handful administrators were moved.

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Here is the list of affected schools in Kisii County:

1. Riabamanyi Kisii Central Bonchari Nyamira
2. St. Lawrance Kiongongi Kitutu Central Kamwala Homabay
3. Masongo Kisii Central Motiret Bomet
4. Bogiakumu Kisii South Metamaywa Nyamira
5. St. Patricks Mosocho Kitutu Central Onyalo Mixed Migori
6. St. Vincent De Paul Nyanko Kisii Central Rabuor Kogelo Migori
7. St. Lukes Kanunda Kitutu Central Kuywa Friends Bungoma
8. Nyansira Sda Kisii Central Borangi Sda Nyamira
9. Iyenga Kenyenya Njoguini Nyeri
10. Borangi Sda Nyamache St. Josephs Kemasare Nyamira
11. Nyaimera Gucha South Kipsingei Bomet
12. Itumbe Dok Nyamache Nyandenda Homabay
13. Amariba Kisii Central Kapoleseroi Bomet
14. Nyaguku Dok Sameta St. Sabinius Owich Migori
15. Omobera Girls Kenyenya Lwanda Magwar Migori
16. Kabigoria Gucha South Nyankore Migori
17. Keberesi Kenyenya St. Pauls Gekano Nyamira
18. St. Augustine Genga Kisii South Ntimama Sec. Narok
19. St. Peters Suneka Kisii South Muhoroni Kisumu
20. Kebabe Sda Kenyenya Nyamusi Girls Nyamira
21. Keore Sec. Kitutu Central Jemovo Vihiga
22. Getai Sda Nyamache Holo Kisumu
23. Musa Nyandusi Gesicho Masaba South God Bura Homabay
24. Riotero Sec. Kitutu Central Olare Sec Homabay
25. Nyaura Kisii Central Kiptenden Kericho
26. Queen Of Apostle Kanyimbo Kitutu Central Kapset Bomet
27. Buyonge Sec Gucha Senye Migori
28. Nyanguru Kisii Central Omware Migori
29. Kiamabundu Kisii Central Mori Migori
30. Emesa Kenyenya St. John Komolo Rume Migori
31. Itibo Girls Marani Duchi Girls Homabay
32. Nyakorere Pag Kenyenya Wayara Homabay
33. Nyango Gucha South Sugumegas Bomet
34. Nyaibate Kenyenya Kiembe Homabay
35. Maroo Esinde Gucha South St. Joseph Miranga Homabay
36. Mobirona Kenyenya Nyenga Homabay
37. Tendere Boys Gucha Motosiet Trans Nzoia
38. St.Joseph Matibo Mukasa Masaba Chiga Mixed Homabay
39. Matagaro Gucha Nyakango Homabay
40. Engoto Marani St. Nicansius Maranyona Homabay
41. Sameta Mixed Sameta Mobirona Kisii
42. Sosera Sda Masaba South Langi Mixed Homabay
43. Getuki Sec Gucha St. Joseph Kemasare .
44. Nyatwoni Gucha South Chemoiben Kericho
45. Nyabinyinyi Kenyenya Tinderet Nyamira
46. Matibo Masaba South Kamarus Kericho
47. Nyankononi Masaba South Magire Kericho
48. Kioge Girls Kitutu Central Magina Homabay
49. Chibwobi Masaba South Gogkatuma Homabay
50. Mosora Gucha Palamasogo Homabay


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