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Lesson observation on the new TPAD 2 system

The new TPAD 2 window for creating and accessing your TPAD account for appraisals.
New TPAD 2 Portal; https://tpad2.tsc.go.ke/auth/login

Lesson observation is a mandatory requirement in the new TPAD 2 system by TSC. All teachers must undergo lesson observation while delivering in class. It involves carrying out a formal scrutiny of teaching/learning while it is taking place in a classroom or other learning environment.

How to undertake Lesson Observation in the TPAD 2 Online System

The lesson Observation tab can be found under the self appraisals tab for the appraisees, once you log in.

You can send the appraiser a request to be observed by clicking on ‘REQUEST OBSERVATION’ tab.

A message requesting for the lesson observation would be crafted. Once the message is crafted, you are required to send the request. This will appear in the notification part of the of your window.

How the Appraiser will carry out Lesson Observation.

Once logged in, the appraiser can access 3 areas:

  • My lesson Observation,
  • Create Lesson Observation and
  • New Observation.

Now, proceed as follows;

  • The appraiser is required to Click on the ‘New Observation’ tab.
  • Once the appraiser clicks the new Observation tab, a pop up page will appear.
  • The appraiser is required to click on New Record whereby he/she will be required to add data on: Class/Form, Subject, Subject Topic, Lesson Topic, Number of Learners and Observation Date. Click on ‘Add record’ when done.
  • Locate the ‘OBSERVE’ tab on the page. Click the tab and complete the lesson observation sheet, online. When filling in the Observer’s Comment avoid word like good, excellent etc. Rather, describe what is observed in each area.
  • Next, fill in the Observer’s Summary Report that provides a brief version of what the observer has noted. Another area to be completed is the Observer’s recommendation that shows the strengths and gaps that have been observed.
  • Click on ‘Save observation marks’ to upload the record.
  • Once data is saved successfully, the status of the observation on the page will change to “COMPLETED”.
  • With this, you will be sure that the Lesson observation has been successful.

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