Knut Secretary General Wilson Sossion to be thrown out of seat

Bomet Branch members of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) have vowed to push for a change of guard in the upcoming Union National Elections.

Led by the Branch Executive Secretary, Malel Langat, the members said it was time to revive the lost glory of the Union.

Speaking after a Branch Executive Council meeting at a Bomet hotel, Mr Langat decried how the Union was slowly dying due to what he termed as poor leadership.

“We have met as a Branch and decided that we will push for a change of guard so that we can breathe some life into the Union which is currently on its knees,” said Malel.

Incumbent KNUT Secretary General, Wilson Sossion, who comes from Bomet County is set to lock horns with his Deputy, Collins Henry Oyuu, in an epic battle later this month.

Mr Langat who has openly sided with Oyuu said the Branch will declare their support in seven days and move out to carry out a countywide campaign.

“The election we are heading to is very unique because it will determine if KNUT is going to survive or disappear into oblivion and as election officials, we are out to salvage it and we will not shy from sending away the leaders who are ruining the vibrant teachers voice,” declared Langat.

Mr Sossion is increasingly getting side-lined by elected officials from his Rift Valley backyard.

With more than 25 Branches in the region, only three Branch Secretaries are backing his re-election bid.

Nandi South Branch Executive Secretary, Kipyegon Misoi, his Bureti counterpart Alfred Rop and Trans Mara’s Willy Korir, are leading the push for Sossion’s re-election.

The Kericho Union leaders led Stanley Mutai, who is leading the rebellion against Sossion said the Union was slowly being strangled by one of their own.

Mr Mutai accused Sossion of running the union like a personal property without paying attention to the plight of teachers.

He said Sossion was now not allowing alternative voices in the Union to come out and help him run the Union.

“The SG (Sossion) has steered KNUT into the current storm just by failing to listen to other Union officials,” he said.

He said it was time to end the drama and built cohesion so that members can benefit and Union can also grow.

“His style of antagonizing everyone is wrong approach and we want to bring it to an end by sending him away,” he said.

Mutai who is eying the First National Chairman position is backing Oyuu in the elections.

He had previous sought to oust Sossion but changed his mind in the last minute and vowed to back Oyuu.

Mr Langat is seeking the National Executive Council member position to represent Rift Valley.

Langat is facing off with Joshua Cheptarus who is enjoying the backing of Sossion.

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