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KNEC frequently asked questions about KCSE exams

Dr. David Njeng’ere who is the new KNEC Boss.
Dr. David Njeng’ere who is the new KNEC Boss.

You may be having burning questions concerning the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, KCSE, examinations and you are looking forward to the official answers. Well, here are official answers by the Kenya National Examinations Council, Knec.

How can  a person register for KCPE/KCSE examination as a private candidate?

During registration period, private candidates are expected to report to the Subcounty Director of Education to register for KCPE and KCSE examinations after paying the requisite fees.

For Foreign Examinations, they are expected to report to KNEC premises in South C Foreign Examinations section for registration

Can a child who is under 18 years register for KCSE examination?

KCSE registration is not linked to age provided the candidate meets registration entry requirements. Regulations are available on http://www.knec.ac.ke

How can a person with foreign qualifications register for KCSE examination?

They should apply to KNEC for equation of the foreign certificate and thereafter sit for a qualifying test one year before registration for KCSE

Also download;

2021 KCSE candidates registration forms in free pdf downloads
2021 KCPE candidates registration forms in free pdf downloads

How can an institution be registered as an examination centre?

Submit an online application which can be accessed in the KNEC Portal www.knec.ac.ke.

For school and teacher examinations applicants, they should attach a letter from the Sub County Director of Education, a valid registration certificate from the Ministry of Education and a registration fee deposit slip;

For Business and Technical examinations, they are expected to attach a letter and a copy of registration certificate from TVETA indicating the courses they are approved to offer.

Thereafter KNEC shall undertake inspection.

Can a repeater in KCSE change the subject they sat the previous year, e.g. History to Geography?

A repeating candidate shall only sit for subject (s) taken in the first attempt

Can one repeat one subject at KCSE Level?

One can repeat one subject or less than seven subjects within three years after their previous KCSE examination. However, this will not alter the mean grade awarded during the first sitting

What is the procedure for a candidate to do KNEC exams under protest?

The head of institution writes to KNEC through the Sub County Director of Education, and pays the current penalty of Kes. 3,000/- as per the KNEC regulation

As a teacher how do I apply to be a supervisor or invigilator for KCSE/KCPE examination?

One is not supposed to apply; you can only be identified by the TSC Sub County Director and apply using this link:http://cp2.knec.ac.ke/Account/Register

Do Examiners still upload passports and ID numbers on the marking portal?

Kindly keep on checking the website http://www.knec.ac.ke  for further guidance

How long does it take for Business and Technical results to be released?

The results are released after one and a half month after writing the examination

Can one register for a referral paper as a private candidate?

All post school (B&T) candidates register through institutions

Can Single and Group results slips be merged and given as one certificate

Single and Group certificates are merged per level for the three levels to give three certificates, i.e. Elementary Certificate for Level One, Intermediate for Level Two, and Advanced for Level Three.

Is a repeater allowed to repeat in a different examination centre from the centre where the candidate did the examination in the first sitting in Teacher’s Examinations?

No, because part of the scores of each subject are from the candidate’s continuous assessment, which can only be provided by the institution (examination centre) where the candidate sat.

How many times can one re-sit a referral paper?

Three (3) times within 5 years starting from the date of the first sitting.


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