KNBS: 148,335 out of 161,763 Census Personnel paid, so far; Here are the reasons for non payments

    The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, KNBS, has paid 148,335 out of 161,763 Census Personnel, so far. The agency says it is committed to making sure every personnel is paid. “We engaged 161,763 census personnel, out of those 148,335 were paid. We’ve had a number of payments returned as a result of either dormant accounts and/or wrong banking details,” says KNBS. Other reasons for non payment is if one did not return the gadgets used during the enumeration process. KNBS enlisted the services of 135,000 enumerators, 27,000 content supervisors and 2700 Information Technology, IT, persons. Also hired were village elders, security personnel and coordinators who assisted in making the exercise flawless.


    The ICT Supervisors were contracted for a period of 30 days and would earn a Gross Remuneration of Ksh.3, 000 per day; Totaling to Kshs.90, 000 before Tax. The Table below summarizes the amounts expected by the Census officials;
    Census Officer Days Contracted Pay per Day Gross Pay
    ICT Supervisors 30 3,000 90,000
    Content Supervisors 23 2,500 57,000
    Enumerators 16 1,500 23,000
    An advance payment of 5 days (Ksh. 15,000 for ICT Supervisors and Ksh 12,500 for Content Supervisors) was made during the Census exercise in August. During the training Enumerators, ICT and Content Supervisors werer provided with daily transport allowance of Ksh.150 for 8 days. The agency’s Sh18.5 Billion had the chunk of the funds going to remuneration of the Census officials; with Sh3.5 billion spent to buy 164,000 smart phones and relevant census hardware. The agency has already released preliminary Census results.

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