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Main syllabus objective

By the end of the lesson, the learner should be able to legibly write an advertisement using the right format, content, language and tone.

Topic outline

  • Definition of an advertisement
  • Reasons for writing an advertisement
  • How to write an advertisemnt


  1. a) What is an advertisement?

It is a notice of announcement designed by a person or institution for the purpose of highlighting items or services that are up for sale, rent or which are available.

  1. b) Why write an advertisement?
  • To inform people of the presence of goods or services for sale.
  • To notify people of improvements made on existing services or goods.
  • To correct any misinformation about goods or services on market.
  • (Accept other learned inbusiness studies)
  1. c) How to write an advertisement.
  2. Read the question and comprehend the major function of the advertisement and other hints in the question’s rubric such as: the advertiser, items, services, onditions, place, time, cost, target group etc.
  3. Write the right format
    1. When writing or designing advertisement, it is good to note that an advertisement is a type of notice; hence, it has same format as a notice. Focus has to be on writing an advertisement and not drawing of items.
    2. Write the letter-head (name) of the institution or club sending the advertisement.
    3. Write date of doing the advertisement on the right hand side- please, note that advertisements in newspapers lack this date because the date is indicated on the newspaper itself. Date helps readers to know that the advert is a recent one.
    4. Write the reference number of the advertisement- in case it requires responses from public.
    5. Give an advert call or invitation in bold eg. ADVERTISEMENT OF MAGNIFICENT HOTEL NOW OPEN!
    6. Sign the advertisement by name/job title/ organizagion/ management.
    7. Frame the
    8. Drawing- sketch of an eye-catching picture capturing the theme of the advertisement can be drawn. (Do not focus on drawing; it is composition writing)
  4. Write the right content- content to focus on:
  5. Body has to be persuasieve and capturing the following the name of the item or service being advertised (with an adjective praising it)
  6. Brief persusive details about the item or service in terms of:
  • The place eg next to magnificent staffroom
  • Day, date and time of being served,
  • Cost of items or service eg Affordable/pocket friendly/ Price of Ksh……
  • Special qualities of item or service point out the selling points,
  • Major target group for the advertisement.
  • Brief direction to place eg Opposite the Manificent Liwa Towers
  • Any other information interpreted from the question’s rubric.
  • Contacts of the main contact person
  • Parting shot
  1. Write the right language
  2. Language must aim at persuading the target
  3. Writing in note form is better than prosodic form when writing the body of a advertisement
  4. Be brief- nobody likes reading long advertisements
  5. Some advertisements can be in table form
  6. Most important information is bolded/capitalized/undelined
  7. Advertisement call is caligraphed (use blue, black and pencil only)


Example and exercise:

You are a member of environment Club in your school. The club had a project of a tree nursery and making compost manure. You have one million seedlings and 9000 kg of compost manure. The school has allowed the club to sell part of the trees and the manure to the general public. A member has designed the following advertisement (hand out) to help you sell the items. Rewrite and improve on it.







Our Ref: AD/JAEC/01

Wednesday, 6th July,, 2018


The Environment Club at Jugunegune Academy would like to notify all members of the school community an the general public of the following:

ITEMS:         1.  High class Compost nanure

            2. Fast Growing indigenous trees

DAY: All Week Days

TIME: 8.00 am to 6.30 pm

DATE: 07th-29th July 2018

PLACE: New Agriculture Farm

TARGET: All members of the public

COST: 50 kg of Compost manure Ksh 500

PRICE: Five healthy tree seedlings at Ksh. 40

TARGET GROUPS: All Citizens and students

Call: 0722146751 for free delivery .

Buy goods worth Ksh 600; get five trees for free!

By Secretary

Environment Club.




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