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How to easily win the MCA seat; Best strategies

Route to Member of County Assembly, MCA;

Are you planning to contest for the Member of County Assembly, MCA, post in the coming IEBC elections? Then here is the ultimate guide on how to easily win the seat:

1. Build your home 4yrs to elections
2. Join one Local Church (Most Populated)
3. Have a Family
4. Attend all community events
5. Don’t show interests of vying always be Bipartisan.
6. Join those Chama za wazee
7. Help 1 or 2 isolated kids
8. Start a Foundation in your name
9. Always spare some coins to donate in community events
10. Make yourself known by becoming a leader in different community organisations
11. Show Confidence and Humble mentality
12. 2yrs to elections let people start suggesting you as next mca pay several to….start that rumour
13. Continue being seen as a liberator & an example for kids in the community
14. Sponsor talent events like Football Tournaments, Music and Drama
15. 1yr to elections declare that after pressure from community you’ve decided to respect them and accept to vie
16. Follow the current political in your region & flow with it as a community backed candidate
17. Take advantage of the sympathy & set yourself up for success by being seen as symbol of unity. No fights with your opponents, preach togethernes & always quote the bible


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