How to conduct TPAD 2 appraisal rating meeting

A TSC teacher is expected to schedule an appraisal rating meeting with the appraiser. This is done online at the TPAD 2 portal. Before the appraisal rating meeting, you are required to evaluate and rate yourself. Your appraiser is also required to assess and rate you.

After the completion of the self-evaluation and evaluation by the appraiser (you), the interface will show a completed appraisal which should be “Appraisal completion 100%”.

The appraiser should notify the appraisee of the time, venue and agenda of the meeting, before the appraisal rating meeting which should be in line with the institutional calendar of activities.

The appraisal rating meeting is scheduled by the appraiser and it happens between the appraiser and the appraisee.

The appraiser and appraisee will hold a meeting and the purpose of the rating meeting is to review their joint rating and then reach an agreed rating.


After Self Appraising yourself, it will be the turn of your appraiser to rate you;

  1. Log into your TPAD 2 account and select “Appraiser Appraisals” from “My dashboard”. This will show the “pending appraisals” and “schedule meeting” buttons.
  2. The appraiser can schedule a meeting by clicking “schedule meeting” button. This will open the “schedule appraisal rating meeting” interface.
  3. The “schedule appraisal rating meeting” portal has a list of all the Appraisees Awaiting appraisal meeting (these are the appraisees awaiting to be scheduled for appraisal rating meeting)”. On the other hand, the appraisees “scheduled appraisals” are the appraisees already scheduled for the rating meeting.
  4. On the teacher being appraised, click the “schedule meeting “button. The appraiser will see a pop up window on schedule Appraisal Meeting which shows “Appraisal date” and “Appraisal time” as shown in the screen shot.
  5. Next, click on “Appraisal date” on the pop up window and from the calendar select a date for the appraisal rating meeting.
  6. Click on “Appraisal time” from the drop down button on the pop up window and select time for the Appraisal meeting. Then click “save schedule” button to complete the process.
  7. Once the meeting is successfully scheduled a success message will be shown on your window.
  8. Now, click “OK” to complete the scheduling. A notification of the scheduled meeting will be sent to the appraisee.
  9. Once the meeting is scheduled, it moves to the “scheduled appraisals”.
  10. To proceed with updating the ratings, appraiser should click on “scheduled appraisals” button. It will open a portal with the list of all the teachers scheduled for appraisal rating meeting.
  11. On the teacher being appraised, click “start meeting” button and at this point the appraiser and appraisee can now proceed with updating the ratings or “Update Schedule”.

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