TSC pension for retired teachers.

How to Check TSC Pension Status Online

It is important that you know the process of checking the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, online Pension status especially those who are either retired or about to. Moreover, its even more necessary to know how TSC Pension is calculated online. Here is a simple procedure on how you can check online TSC Pension status in your mobile phone from the comfort of your office.

When one may claim Pension?

An individual may claim retirement benefits if they are 55 or over, and have been in pensionable teaching employment on or after 30 March 2000. If you apply whilst in service, Early Retirement Benefits (AAB) are paid from the day after the last day of pensionable employment.

What one requires to check TSC Pension Status

The mandate of TSC Pension scheme in Kenya solely lies on National Treasury jurisdictions. This is provided by in the constitution 2010 under the Public Management Act 2012. One the key responsibilities of The National Treasury provided by the constitution is to manage the Retired government employees Pension schemes.

To check into one’s TSC Pension status online, you will be required to present the following Documents to the Head of HR Department.

  1. Two copies of ones national identification card ID
  2. TSC Retirement Clearance Certificate
  3. Duly Completed Pension Communication and address form
  4. At least two payslips each year
  5. Official Secrets Acts Declaration Form Appendix’E’
  6. Copy of Pin card and Bank plate
  7. Duly Completed Declaration Assets and liabilities form

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Process of checking TSC online Pension Status

After one has presented the documents to, The National Treasury the process of compiling the Pension claim. This process can take a while, up to a period of over a year. After the period elapses then one begins to receive the Pension benefits.

During this period one has to keep checking on TSC Pension status occasionally to affirm their status. This is done by visiting Teachers Service Commission (TSC) service portal or TSC online service and enter TSC number, ID number or password number. This is followed by simply going to the search tab and checking TSC Pension Status.

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How one can calculated the Pension benefits

Pension benefits is calculated by multiplying one’s number of years in teaching service or length of employment by the average salary and then dividing by the 80 and a lump sum equal to three times your Pension. However, there is online Pension estimator which gives accurate figure on how ones Pension payment might look like.

Pension number

A Pension number is a unique number that’s used to identity your Pension and can usually be found at the top of your Pension paperwork.

For one to get the number, they need to log into employee self-service account and choose ‘Payroll and Compensation.” Then view last payroll stub and the pay statement details.

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