Hospitals where you can get free Covid-19 vaccine in Kenya

    Free Covid 19 vaccination in Kenya- The Ministry of Health has released a list of over 600 health facilities where you can get free Covid-19 vaccination services. The health facilities are located in every sub county of all the 47 counties in Kenya.

    Vaccination against the killer Corona virus disease will be carried out between March and June, 2021. it is important to note that the vaccination is voluntary and front line workers have been given first priority.


    S/NO County Subcounty Health Facility Name Ownership
    1 Mvita Coast General Teaching and Referal Hospital Public
    2 Changamwe Port Reitz  Hospital Public
    3 Mvita Tudor Sub County Hospital Public
    4 Likoni Likoni Sub County Hospital Public
    5 Mombasa Mvita Aga Khan Hospital Mombasa Private
    6 Mvita Mombasa Hospital Private
    7 Mvita Pandya Memorial Hospital Private
    8 Kisauni Jocham Hospital Private
    9 Nyali Premiere Hospital Private
    10 Msambweni Msambweni CRH Public
    11 Matuga Kwale Sub County Hospital Public
    12 Kinango Kinango Sub County Hospital Public
    13 Kwale Lungalunga Lungalunga Sub County Hospital Public
    14 Kinango Samburu Sub County Hospital Public
    15 Msambweni Diani Beach Hospital Private
    16 Msambweni Kinondo Hospital Private
    17 Kilifi north Kilifi county hospital Public
    18 Malindi Malindi sub county hospital Public
    19 Kaloleni Mariakani sub county hospital Public
    20 Ganze Bamba sub county  hospital Public
    21 Kaloleni Jibana sub county hospital Public
    22 Malindi Tawfiq hospital Private
    23 Kilifi Magarini Meridian hospital Private
    24 Malindi Star hospital Private
    25 Magarini Afya hospital Private
    26 Rabai Josmori hospital Private
    27 Kaloleni Mariakani military  hopsital Military
    28 Kilifi south Swiss hospital Private
    29 Kilifi north Watamu hospital Private
    30 Galole Hola County Referral hospital Public
    31 Tana River Tana Delta Ngao Sub county hospital Public
    32 Tana north Bura Sub County hospita Public
    33 Lamu West Lamu Refferal Hospital Public
    34 Lamu Lamu West Faza Sub County Hospital Public
    35 Lamu East Mpeketoni Sub County Hospital Public
    36 Voi Moi County Refferal Hospital Public
    37 Mwatate Mwatate Sub County Hospital Public
    38 Taita Taveta Wundanyi Wesu Sub County Hospital Public
    39 Taveta Taveta Sub County Hospital Public
    40 Voi St Joseph Shelter of Hope FBO
    41 Voi River Jordan Medical Centre Private
    42 Dadaab Dadaab Sub-County Hospital Public
    43 Balambala Balambala Sub-District Hospital Public
    44 Ijara Ijara District Hospital – Masalani Public
    45 Lagdera Modogashe Sub-County Hospital Public
    46 Fafi Bura District Hospital Public
    47 Garissa Hulugho Hulugho Sub County Hospital Public
    48 Garissa Iftin Sub-District Hospital Public
    49 Garissa Garissa County Referral Hospital Public
    50 Dadaab- Ifo Camp Ifo Hospital NGO
    51 Dadaab- Dagahaley Camp MSF Dagahaley Main Hospital NGO
    52 Fafi- Hagadera Camp Hagadera Hospital NGO
    53 Garissa Medina Hospital Private
    54 Eldas Eldas Sub County Hospital Public
    55 Tarbaj Tarbaj Sub County Hospital Public
    56 Wajir Wajir East Wajir County Referral Hoaspital Public
    57 Wajir North Bute Sub County Hospital Public
    58 Wajir South Habaswein Sub County Hospital Public
    59 Wajir West Griftu Sub County Hospital Public
    60 Mandera East Mnadera County Referral Hospital Public
    61 Mandera North Mandera North Subcounty Hospital Public
    62 Mandera West Mandera West Sub county Hospital Public
    63 Mandera Lafey Lafey sub county Hospital Public
    64 Mandera South Mandera Central Sub County Hospital Public
    65 Banissa Banissa Sub county Hospital Public
    66 Kotulo Kutulo Sub county Hospital Public
    67 Laisamis Laisamis Sub county Referral Hospital(Marsabit Public
    68 Moyale Moyale Sub county Referral  Hospital Public
    69 Saku Marsabit County Referral Hospital Public
    70 Marsabit North Horr Kalacha Sub County Referral Hospital (Chalbi) Public
    71 Laisamis Catholic Hospital Laisamis FBO
    72 Saku Ismc Hospital Private
    73 Moyale Sololo Mission Hospital FBO
    74 Isiolo Isiolo County Referral Hospital Public
    75 Isiolo Garbatulla Garbatulla Sub County Hospital Public
    76 Merti Merti Sub County Hospital Public
    77 Imenti South Mikumbune Sub-District Hospital Public
    78 Tigania East Muthara Sub-District Hospital Public
    79 Imenti Central Cottolengo Mission Hospital FBO
    80 Igembe South Nyambene District Hospital Public
    81 Tigania East Mikinduri Sub-District Hospial Public
    82 Imenti South Consolata Mission Hospital (Nkubu) FBO
    83 Imenti Central Githongo District Hospital Public
    84 Imenti North Giaki Sub-District Hospital Public
    85 Igembe Central Kangeta Heaith Centre Public
    86 Meru Imenti South Kanyakine District Hospital Public
    87 Buuri St Theresa Hospital (Kiirua) FBO
    88 Imenti South Kinoro Sub-District Hospital Public
    89 Tigania West Mbeu Sub-District Hospital Public
    90 Igembe South Maua Methodist Hospital FBO
    91 Igembe North Mutuati Sub-County Hospital Public
    92 Imenti South St Ann Hospital FBO
    93 Buuri Timau Sub-County Hospital Public
    94 Tigania East St John of God Hospital Tigania FBO
    95 Tigania West Miathene District Hospital Public
    96 Chuka Chuka county referral hospital public
    97 Mwimbi PCEA Chogoria hospital FBO
    98 Mwimbi Magutuni sub-county hospital Public
    99 Tharaka south Tharaka subcounty hospital public
    Tharaka Nithi
    100 Igambang’ombe Komarock Mordern hospital Private
    101 Tharaka south Kibung’a hospital public
    102 Tharaka North Gatunga hospital Public
    103 Tharaka south st Orsola Hospital FBO
    104 Manyatta Embu level 5 hospital Public
    105 Runyejes Runyejes  level 4 hospital Public
    106 Mbeere north Mbeere level 4 hospital Public
    107 Mbeere north Ishiara level 4 hospital Public



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