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Here are the Knec guidelines on how to handle the 2020 KCSE group IV subjects

The Kenya National Examinations Council, knec, has given fresh guidelines on how the 2020 KCSE project based subjects are to be handled. This a follow up to an earlier circular from the council to schools immediately after closure due to the covid 19 outbreak in the country. Via a circular dated March 27, the council had promised to give further guidelines on the handling of Mile stones 1 and 2 for group IV subjects; when schools reopen.

Group IV subjects which have a project component are: Art and Design (442/3), Agriculture (443/3), Wood Work (444/2), Metal Work (445/2), Building Construction (446/2) and Computer Studies (451/3).

But, with schools still closed and some of the projects having reached the final phase (harvesting/ final stage for agriculture projects), the council has now directed schools to capture and upload the data.

“Take photographic evidence of the candidates’ projects (in .gif or .jpeg formats; these two are photograph formats obtained by using a digital Camera) for their (2020 KCSE students taking Agriculture) records and dispose of the project by July 15, 2020.” reads a circular by knec boss Dr Mercy Karogo that is dated June 22, 2020.

“Upload the pictorial evidence together with the scores awarded onto the portal (knec portal) when new guidelines are issued after the schools reopen,” she adds.

The has at the same time promised to issue guidelines for other subjects. Schools are set for reopening in September; with candidate classes expected to be given first priority.

The latest knec circular on handling of group iv subjects with a project component.
The latest knec circular on handling of group iv subjects with a project component.

Ensure you have collected the required data before logging into the system; Candidates’ scores and pictorial evidence.

To upload scores for each candidate and pictorial evidence for all the learners:

  • Access the KNEC portal at http://knec-portal.ac.ke
  • On the home page, click on ‘PROJECTS’
  • Log onto the system by providing the User Name and Password (as used during the registration process)
  • Select the subject for which you want to upload data and then click on ‘GET FILE’. This will display a list of all students registered for that particular subject.
  • Enter the score for each candidate alongside their names in the column labelled ‘MARKS’. Click on ‘POST’ once through.
  • Next, you will be expected to provide a photo of the project. Ensure a photograph of the students has been shot and stored in your local location (Phone or Computer memory). Observe the guidelines accompanying the shooting of the photographs like the format to be used.
  • Now, click on ‘CHOOSE FILE’. Locate your photograph as stored on your storage and click on it; so as to be loaded onto the portal.
  • Finally, Click on ‘SAVE AND PREVIEW’.
    Note that if any student is missing on the online generated printout, then list such a student (s) manually on the printout with a red pen. The printout is generated by using the ‘REPORT’ tab once the scores have been entered.

It is important to note that you would not be able to enter/ edit milestone one marks once the period elapses.

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