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Grade 10 Curriculum Designs By KICD

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) is developing Grade 10 curriculum designs.

The activity, which is expected to end before May 2022, is to ensure guiding principles in curriculum development are professionally adhered to.

The curriculum experts taking part in the exercise are ensuring that the materials developed are well-grounded, ushering learners to the world of work. Less of content and more of competencies.

The 179 experts taking part in the workshop include; Teachers from different schools in Kenya, Tutors from Teacher Training Colleges and Technical and Vocational Institutions, Lecturers from universities, Industry Players, Ministry of Education officials, and KICD Subject Secretaries.

At Junior Secondary School level, learners are introduced to broad based curriculum for them to make appropriate decisions in choosing learning areas of their abilities and interest. Senior School is the beginning of specialization and learners are ready for higher thinking order skills.

At the Senior Secondary School level, which is from Grade 10 to 12, learners are able to choose their career paths for their future growth in the world of work. The career pathways at Senior School are three; Arts and Sports Sciences, Social Sciences, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).


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